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Story: 100%

Music: 90%

Graphics: 80%

Gameplay: 20%

Overall: 73%

(No demo)



RPG, Puzzler, Dungeon Crawler



Hi! EpicFILE here! First of all, thank you for dropping by! What you see above is my "icy" game, Father's Trace.

So what is this Father's Trace anyway? Okay, let me provide the details  ^_^







It was a snowy day. The four Feri's child were waiting patiently in their home, hoping that their father will

going back with bags full of foods. He promised that he will be back in two days. But it have been three days since

he left the home....

There was a snowstorm outside. A violent one. When the snowstorm started to grow weaker, Angga, Beni and

Dimas entered the snowy field, searching for their father. Soon the snow will feel the warmth in their hearts....

Witness the power of the brotherhood!












The eldest Feri's son. He is calm and responsible. Harmony is his main concern





The second Feri's son. Stubborn. Most of the times he act and talk without thinking. He highly respect his big bro,

so he always listen what his big bro says.




The youngest Feri's son. Smart. He tries his best to become a good little brother as well as a good big brother to his

little sister, Citra.




A single father that always take care of his children well.

He make coats from the animal pelts and sells them in the city.


Feri's only daughter, the youngest child. She is energetic and loves running around.


Feri's wife. She was passed away 2 years ago.

Mr. Edi

One of Feri's customer. He always respect Feri.


The naughty Mr. Edi's son. He likes to play everywhere, including the dangerous places.







Player must explore the monster inhabited dungeon and finding some clues to solve the puzzles.

To ease your puzzle solving adventure, I will introduce the sensing system.


The sensing system will help you through the 4 types of sensing.

Each has it's own function:


1. Normal

    It will help you find the clues in general. It also allows you to dash.

    You can see, hear, or smell something suspicious. But you won't know what it really is.

2. Sight

    Improve your focus on vision. It can help you to see small objects, hidden switch, and so on.

    But it will reduce your focus on hearing and nose.

3. Hearing

    You will listen more carefully. Hearing will help you to notice different sounds, and

    also help you to know the sound's direction. It will reduce your focus on sight and nose.

4. Nose

    Helpful to recognize smells. Choosing this type will reduce your focus on sight and hearing.























Enterbrain _ RPG Maker VX Ace and it's resource

M. Feraldy N (me) _ Story, Gameplay, Music, and some Graphics (windows, art, some actors,animations and tilesets)

Yanfly _ Button Common Event Script



And... That's it! Currently I'm still working on the gameplay balancing and adding some details to make this game

more polished. I cannot give the specific release date, though. So be sure to follow this post and wait for the launch!

You can leave your comments below. 





Have a nice day!  :lol:


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Interesting story. I can tell you put a lot of work in writing each of the brothers personality, and I can't wait to see how they'll interact within each situation. The sensing system seems like a lot of fun as well.


Can't wait to try it out!

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- I love your custom art.
- The story is simple, yet interesting - liked it.
- Sensing system sounds like a really interesting feature.
- I'm curious about the battle scene - the screenshot looks good.
> Your game looks and sounds great so far, looking forward for progress and good luck!

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Thank you, Knighty!  :D


It's initially made for IGMC entry. But I started 10 days before the deadline, so I was kinda rushing. xD

Because of that, there are still things to fix and to polish more.  ^_^

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