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Trilogy Battle System For Simple Emergent Complexity (Creative Commons)


EDIT: so after doing a little more work on this, I am starting to notice an emergent pattern of complexity with this system that makes it very  Its very easy to use to make certain situations arise. I encourage people to play around with it to discover what can be done with this game type.


So I've been doing some work the last little bit on how to make enemies that make things interesting and really make the player learn how to use their skills and force them to use different skills, not just spam the same string of skills again and again so this is my idea I have been operating with so far: every time a player uses a skill on an enemy, they de-buff an enemy skill AND buff an enemy skill.


I was thinking along the lines of making a cross between a fighting game and an rpg and how each move has a risk and reward attached to it, whether in the context of leaving the attacker vulnerable to skills based on position while also hampering the offending parties incoming attack .


The monetary buff/de-buff , SO FAR only lasts the one turn with all enemy attacks based on a stat, attack, speed,



A Skill = - Speed, + Defense,

S Skill =  - Defense, + Attack

D Skill =  - Attack, + Speed


It's still in the early phases, but the idea I have so far is for enemies attack patterns to be based on this triangle.


For example A Dwarf's skill patterns ( / designates randomly which attack it will do) : A, S, S/D, D/A, A, S,S, D/S/A/



Other elements of this battle system


Battle actions fall into three categories: Skill, Ability, Enchantment. Skills build TP for Abilities and Skills, Abilities would be considered magic, special abilities, extra strenuous abilities (example: Warriors, big wild and meaty can use war cry as an innate skill but  Squires, timid , innocent and coffee boys probably need to work up the courage (through multiple encounters of combat) to execute such a move, thus for the squire, it is an Ability) and enchantments effect all users, I'm thinking flipping stats characters are proficient in (still under development)


Probably not with all battles, but my end goal is for battles to build up to a climax moment, a big burst attack / or burst attacks similar to how in golden sun, the player had the option of strategically playing djinn in certain combos, building them up to when they can unleash the summon.


I am working on a demo where I am experimenting with trash mobs but of all trolls/dwarfs/slimes.


Also currently, because I just began this demo, battles are 1 v 3 , player vs Mob.


This is just the rough Idea so far and I am curious as to what the community thinks, potential pratfalls, or problems.

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Are the skill patterns set or randomised?


The issue with a randomised attack pattern is that reaping the benefits of a well-placed debuff or taking massive damage because the skill has been buffed is is down to luck rather than strategy.


Set skill patterns are a bit better because they reward the person for learning the fight, but they come with the disadvantage of falling into a set pattern in which you use your skills. Not only that, but you need to have some degree of transparency on the mobs otherwise it could become frustrating constantly dying while trying to learn long attack patterns.

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Indeed HeckHound.

I was going to give the player a scan skill right off the bat to have some level of said transparency.

Currently for the enemies, I am thinking set patterns with possible skills (50 percent a or s skill ) but also specific reactions ( enemy infected with s, use skills with high attacks). 

Will update after more experimentation.

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