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DoubleX RMVXA Diagonal Movement

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Lets users moves characters diagonally by pressing both component keys


Games using this script

None so far



Nothing special


Terms Of Use

You shall keep this script's Script Info part's contents intact

You shalln't claim that this script is written by anyone other than DoubleX or his aliases

None of the above applies to DoubleX or his/her aliases


Open the script editor and put this script into an open slot between Materials and Main. Save to take effect.








#    v1.00a(GMT 0600 15-8-2015):                                               |
#    1. 1st version of this script finished                                    |




(DoubleX)Diagonal Movement v1.00a.txt

Edited by DoubleX

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Your script has 50 downloads - that's all mine. xD

Your script looks nearly the same as the one Hime did. (if not counting 8-dir. sprites) ^^

Everything works - good job! =]

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