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Jeanne d'Ys

Param/Stat/State/Buff "Priority" in RMVXA?

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(Protip: Read this in TryHardNinja's voice)


So yeah, Maki here~


I have a question, though!


So, I was designing an enemy with this stat:



Dark Hero


HP: 1400

MP: 250


ATK: 15 / MAT: 10

DEF: 10 / MDF: 5

AGI: 12 / LUK: 7


Fire 10% / Ice 10% / Lightning 10% / Physical 10%


Yes, that's nigh invincible because I planned that the killing tactic was to wait until Turn 3, where he will cast a Skill that would raise its ATK and give extra attack, but change its Fir/Ice/Lit Attribute to 190% each and Phys to 100%, while also dropping his DEF to 10%; said Skill, with its State:


Dark Soul

Inflicts the "Dark Soul State"


Dark Soul (State)


ATK: 150%

DEF: 10%

Fir / Ice / Lit: 190%

Phys: 100%

Atk+: 1


I tried to test battle him. At first, it worked fine (My Physical skills are nulled, while the Elemental magics only do single digit damage.) However, even after using the Dark Soul skill, my attacks and skills still do damage around the same amount as when he's still nigh invulnerable.


That's why I'm asking this question:

Does RMVXA has a "Priority" layer that I didn't know of? (As in, Enemy Feature takes priority over State Feature, etc.)


I've tried the following things:

1. Checking if the Skill actually apply the State/apply the correct State (Yes, it does)

2. Checking if the param modifier are correct (Yes, they are)

3. Checking if there are overlooked skill attributes (Hit Type, Success Rate, etc.) (Everything seems normal)


So, anyone could help me with this?

Is there something I missed? / did wrong?


If more details are needed, I'll offer them ASAP.





Thank you for reading,



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The issue here is that states do NOT override the original state rate of the target, they only modify it. What I mean:

100 * 10% rate = 10 damage

100 * 10% rate * 190% rate (from state) = 19 damage


The 190% from the state does not remove the 10% that inherent to the target.


What you can do:

Give the enemy the regular 100% resistance. Then create two states: one reduces all elemental rates to 10%, the other is the Dark Soul state.


Create a new troop event for the troop where you fight that enemy. That event should add the first state to the enemy at the start of battle. Then have the skill remove that first state and add the Dark Soul state.



Did I explain that well enough?

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Aah, so that's what I overlooked!

I never know that states cannot override stats modifier... XD (I'm feeling awkward now)


I tested your suggestion, and it works!

Thanks a lot, shadowblack~ <3

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