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RGSS Development Tools

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Ruby Development Tools

Not for novices!


Welcome to my first ever script compilation posted here on RPMakerVXAce. This is a big deal for me because usually I spend all my time in java or what have you, or if I am not busy at work I am busy working on War of the Souls trying to make that the first game I ever finish in RPG maker VX


So lets get down to what this is all about:


Note:!!!!! this is a vx project. How ever do not worry. This is not using VX code. This is using pure ruby code. This will work in RGSS, RGSS2 and RGSS3. I do not have ACE so I cannot put it in an ACE project. How ever for all you developers out there using ACE and deleted your own VX install -> Version 0.2.2 Source in a zip.


Version: 0.2.2 -> Download

Latest and Greatest: Development Branch

Author: Adam Balan (Adrien.)

License: GPL 3.0



History Lesson

  • Version 0.1.0 Init Release
  • Version 0.1.1 Bug Fixes
  • Version 0.2.0 Updated API, Deleted Files, Cleaned up the Project
  • Version 0.2.1 Finally Deleted Convert To Array
  • Version 0.2.2 - Data Types Impl, Added new Method to Vector Class, Sort and Recursive Module, Abstract Methods.



RPG Maker VX RGSS Development Tools or RGSS Dev Tools is a set of scripts that are meant to be used by developers that ports some functionality from the core code base that is Ruby over to the existing RGSS2, 3 and 1 framework. Things like Vector Class, Singleton Module, Sync Enumerator and so on.


Some Scripts are of my own creation like the error Module and the sort module. This compilation of scripts is meant to be used by developers to bring over into their own scripts to create, enhance and extend their development experience in creating scripts for the average person to use.

The reason for its development is very, very simple: To create tools for developers to make their lives easier.


What do I get when I download Version: 0.2.1


When you go and download the project up above you get the following files along with all test files and the license and even the core source code its self. If you download from the Latest and Greatest You get the source, the license and the test suites but not the project. latest and greatest contains possibly unstable code. it is advised you only get this if you want to see any core API changes.

  • Vector Class
  • Singleton Module
  • Error Module
  • Synce Enum Class
  • Data Types Impl
  • Abstract Methods
  • Recursive Module
  • Sort Module


Blog: RGSS Dev

Contribute?: Helping Out


Credits: (please credit me when using) along with: night5h4d3, Ruby Core

Special Thanks: YanFly, Yami, Kread-EX for: Inspiration.


Questions? Comments? Concerns?


Note: This set of scripts is no longer supported on RMRK.

Edited by A.

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So maybe its me.....and the hatred of? or the deep confusion of "why are you wasting our time with this set of useless scripts that no one will ever use...." either way:


Version 0.2.2 is released. It offers new features and new coding standards.


Whats new?


Coding Standards


I have been attacked and threatened in other forums and communities because my standards are camelCase and not snake_case. Threatened such that moderators have issued "warns" against me. So I have decided to switch to snake_case. All the code is lower case except for that of class and module names and I have switched over to snake_case where required.


exists?(object) added to the vector class


Does the item your searching for exist? if so return it.


Sort Module


Some people may want to sort the data being pushed into their arrays. These sort methods are array based and take in only arrays. You can read the API in script or on the Blog to better understand how these sorts are used. Quick sort and Merge sort have been brought in, bits from Java assignments, blogs and what have you have been used to create these sorting methods.


I plan to add in the Bubble Sort at a later date.


Recursive Module


-- Not being supported past 0.2.2 and will be deprecated in 0.2.3 and removed in 0.2.4


This was never intended to make it into the RGSS Dev tools how ever some one some where might ind it useful. It contains a sum_of and a Fibonaccie Numbers method. these are just something I read in a book and online and was playing with recursive functions in ruby. I don't see developers needing the use of, or wanting recursive functions so this module won't be supported past this release.


Data Types


This is what i really wanted to focus on in this release. As I was researching how data types are used in ruby I decided to implement a version that I was reading about. For further Information Its best if you read the Documentation in the script its self or the API listed. essentially things like Queue and other sorts of data types can now be implemented. the API has a example as does the Source (under Test Suites) and in the Rpg Maker VX project.


Abstract methods


abstractmethod	 :method_name


has been introduced because of the data types script which introduces data types to the RGSS series. The abstract method implementation essentially states that any method made a abstract method must be complimented in the class that is derived from the class that holds the abstract method. Ruby will throw a not implemented error.


Note on Data Types Impl Script - Do not separate it up. If you want to use the abstract method implementation then please place that class above any class you plan to use that abstract method in.


Whats happening with vector class?


As stated before some people don't like this class, see no use for it or even despise me on a level unknown to me for eve creating it. It was my first script ever created in this set of scripts and I am happy to retire it if the community thinks it should be deleted. a pole for the thread has been created. If the com unity wishes it gone, it will be deprecated in version 0.2.3 and removed in version 0.2.4

Edited by A.

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Thanks, I plan to take this in two directions. One for vx and one for vx ace that utilizes these scripts to make fixes and changes to the core mechanics of rgss

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