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Character Selection Screen Tutorial

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Hello Folks, today I will teach you How to event a Character select Screen, Below screen is How it will look like.


First you might need a little understanding of Variables and switches before you begin, i suggest you read tutorials on variables and switches. :)

So let's start, first thing is to have the characters pictures for the screen. I have 12 pictures for my 12 Characters. I used photoshop to edit the pictures, I made a map for them to stand on and I used Hime's Map Screenshot, But u don't need to use this if you aint using sprites standing on something.

Then I made my pictures in Photoshop and added some text and glow effect and the other characters darkened so when i don't have them selected the player KNOWS.

























Next step is exporting into the game folder, u can either use this in rpg maker itself, or just placing in the project folder under grapics/Pictures. Which I myself find easier.

This next part is the the trickiest, getting it to appear right. What I do is conditional branches and variables, and when u have selected a character turn a switch on (for story purposes).

Below is the branches i did :









Its very simple really, the variables are telling which characters is what, and when u move to another character it increases to whatever number is next. I only have character 1 Go to next event. But u can just copy and paste the event to do same thing :P or a different thing depending on what you want to happen.


For the picture events, i have it set up like this:


So i have it set as Picture 1 as i have no other pictures running on this map, and as soon as i am done with the character select it erases the picture, and since all the pictures are in slot 1, it erases the event :P. I have it on Constant X:0 y:0 as the picture takes up the whole of the screen. I kept the others default as you won't need to change those if the image is the screen size.

If you followed all the pictures the same as me, you would get the same result. Remeber the variables and switches(if you want people sayng different things depending on the character). Hope I helped, If you used this tutorial in any of your games, please give me some credit :)I Won't mind if you don't, but it would be nice if I helped you in some way.

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Chibae thanks for sharing this awesome guide! I never thought of making a character select screen like this but its so awesome. so when you select a character do they become animated? I was thinking it would be so cute if they started moving once you selected them. What a great idea, I might have to try this out in my next project.

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what type of variable is that? the double ==


how the choice effect the character's picture when the game begin?

I mean, when the character talk, the face in chatter box should change too, right?

== means equal to the number


yes the game portrait should change with the actor you chose, because its just adding the character u chose, you should have the characters setup in the database. and whatever u chose for that character in the database will have that picture for the character


HvOilIY.png thats the characters in the database, they all have their own sprites and pictures. If you set it right then the actor you chose would have different portrait during battles, in menus. But in message boxes i generally choose my own Pictures as i always have emotion portraits XD


Good luck Hope i helped you out

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