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Madcap McGee

Non-combat combat options?

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I'm totally new to VX Ace (and RPG Maker in general), but I'm trying to puzzle my way through my first game.


What I'm hoping to do is something similar to the new (non-RPG Maker) game, Undertale. In that game, you can beat up monsters like any normal JRPG, but there's another option. You can talk to them, dance with them, etc. and either befriend them or scare them away or come to any other number of pacifistic resolutions.


Is something like this possible in VX Ace? Preferably without scripting, because I know less than nothing about that.


Ideally, it would work like this:


Character A has a skill called 'Console.'

Character A could use this skill in battle. Meanwhile, the monster would attack as normal.

After using Console X number of times, the monster is calmed and the battle finishes.

Different monsters may require the skill to be used more than once. Or in combination with another skill ('Hug', 'Cheer up', etc.). It would need to be contextual to the monster.


Bonus bits:


It would be great if using the correct combination of skills caused the enemy give different XP/Gold than if it were defeated through physical means. (Or perhaps none at all, maybe it escapes instead?)

It would also be great if some/all of these skills could be used out of combat on party members. Probably not to any actual effect (no stat buffs, etc.), but to cause some dialogue to pop up, perhaps.




Like I said, I'm completely new to this. So far, the best idea I have is to have the skills in question call some common events, have those events manipulate switches, then have the switches do things within the battle events for whatever troop I'm looking at.  The downsides I see here are:


1. Unless I program in a lot of switches (not out of the question, but not ideal), it would end up that you use the correct skill once and that would be enough to end the battle. I don't want it to be that easy.

2. It would affect all of the monsters in a troop equally, which is also not what I want. I want you to be able to make the goblin not want to fight, then move on to the slime. Not take them both out at once. If it were a group of several of the same monster (3 slimes), it would be less of a problem but, again, not ideal.



Does anybody out there have a better solution? I would really appreciate it!


(I did look through the forums before asking, but if there was an existing solution that I missed, I apologize.)

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For skills that supplement the effect of Console, like the hug and cheer up you mentioned, I would suggest a switch for each of them.  For the Console skill itself, I would have it add +1 to the value of the variable of your choice.  The use of a variable not only condenses the amount of work you need to do, but also creates a more flexible situation for you as the developer.  If you used a series of switches, you would need to do a lot more and you would have to have a preset number of times to use it for any given enemy.  However, with a variable, not only can you pack the data of multiple uses of that skill into one variable, but you can also have the game look for a random value that has to be reached before the monster calms.  This creates a sense of unpredictability for the player that you couldn't easily accomplish with switches.


Edit: Sorry, I didn't cover all areas you were looking for.  Okay, so besides what I told you already, the easiest way I can see to award additional xp/gold is to do it post battle.  You can choose to add a message like '??? gave you some more xp/gold because you were so nice', but that's up to you.


By the same token, the easiest way I can think of to make the skill effect  enemies in battle and allies outside of battle would be to have two separate skills and have the one for battle replace the one for the field when a battle begins,and vice versa when a battle ends.


As for having the effect only on the target monster, the only way I can think of to do this is to create a dummy state (that is a state that does nothing), and have it applied to each enemy at the beginning of every turn.  Instead of directly increasing the variable as I had explained before, have the Console skill remove that state, and then at the end of every turn have each enemy checked for that state, and if they don't have it, increase a variable that is specific to their troop ID by one.  You can use other dummy states for the hug and cheer up skills, plus whatever else you make in this regard.  You would then toggle the switch for the troop ID appropriate to the state that was taken off.


Finally, one of the most important things to keep in mind is to always set the variables to 0 and turn off the used switches after any post battle shenanigans, in order to get them ready for the next battle.  Also, just so you know, the variables, switches and whatever else that has to do with the effects of the skills would have to be done in common events, since that's the only kind of event that you can directly link a skill to. You can also link items to common events, so that's another realm of opportunity for you; giving gifts.  Anyway, the results and such that the variables and switches have to match up to would have to be mapped out on the event trees for each troop where you want to be able to console the monsters.


If any of this doesn't work I apologize.  I didn't test any of it before posting.

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