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Yay! I have another problem! This one tops all the others off. When messing with the editor, I noticed that I could walk/use the boat and ship to literally go ANYWHERE. Like in these examples.



The only place I couldn't go using any vehicle or walking was the little house in the corner. Here is what the tile set looks like:post-60403-0-96931200-1444269752_thumb.png 

Could anybody tell me what is happening here?

And if possible, if there anyway I can set where the Ship and Boat go? For example, I only want the Boat to go in shallow water, while the ship can go in shallow and deep.

Thanks in advance,


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Check your B tileset. The first (top left) tile MUST have its passability set to STAR. If it is set to O, that is your problem.


Also, by default Boat can only go in shallow water while Ship can go in shallow and deep water. There's no way (and no need) to change that without scripts.

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