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MLP RPG: Fighting the Unknown Part 1





Story / Setting / Purpose:

This game is based upon unique storyline customized from the cartoon series “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic†but at the same time for those players who haven’t watched the series yet, they can still follow up to the story without any trouble. The game features epic classical RPG experience as well, that means if you love MLP and as well as drilling experience of classical RPG games everything would work out for you. Game will have over 10 unique classes, over 200 unique skills, unique transportation system (Teleport scrolls, all ponies can fly on high level), unique monsters (Randomized), epic bosses, customized characters,infinite/unlimited weapon/armor possibilities, crafting, mining, fishing, farming, house construction, player housing, achievements, and many more! This game is one of the few RPG out there that have such unique functions.

settings of the game is at Earth and Pony world.

Purpose: combat simulator, prepares the player for part 2 of the game. (Where it would be considered as the actual game)



The game is finished with 8 to 12 hours of game play.


Character Bios::

Mane six of the my little pony show.

Twilight (Main Character) – She can be good at every single class.
Fluttershy (Healer) – She is responsible for healing in battles.
Applejack (DPS) – High damage dealer.
Rainbow Dash (DPS) – High damage dealer.
Rarity (Support) – Provide other characters with different kind of buff.
Pinkie Pie (???) - ?????????????????????????????????????


Why this game?

This game is one of the better combat based rpg games out there. With over 100 scripts designed to bring you one of the most complex combat system made on rpg maker vx ace. What's more is that the game is semi-multiplayer! You can earn points and hiscore with our game account. 


What is next?

We are working on part two on rpg maker MV with much better game play overall! 







full list at: http://darkkyshadow.com/brony/credit.html


DShou - Sharing his pony spiritsheets.

Alex. S - The DJ for few background music.

Sim Gretina - The DJ for few background music.

Tursumaji - A pony forum bug reporter. (Helped a ton during early game stages)

MrFlabbergasted - Boss arena trixie vector

Moghunter - Excellent scriptor on GUI ( probably one of the best out there. Only problem is caching and compatibility issues)

Falcao and Eshra- Professional Scriptor on game mechanics

GaryCXJK - Free movement script

Zerbu, Fomar0153, Victor Sant, Tsukihime, Nicke, Dekita, Yami, Yanfly, Nelderson, Modern algebra, Khas, Jet10985, Mr. Bubble, Kread-EX, Gamesfreak13563 - Scripts

Benji, Chris, FBU, Gary SInise, Granny, Kal, Lemonlure, Liberty, Radscythe, Syrus, Zeep - Font, icons, tilesets.





Screenshots (limited screenshots to avoid spoilers):









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Okay everybody - Remember when I said, that one specific game brought me to RM and this community? This is the one I was talking about.
I have completed this game and I really enjoyed this. It took me waaaaay more than 20 hours to complete, because I was playing slowly, discovering everything what's possible. I liked the use of some scripts and general gameplay and though I enjoyed playing this, I must point out what I didn't liked.
Firstly -

Why this game?
This game is one of the better combat based rpg games out there. With over 100 scripts designed to bring you one of the most complex combat system made on rpg maker vx ace. What's more is that the game is semi-multiplayer! You can earn points and hiscore with our game account.

This. It looks nicely here, as a text, however the truth is completely different.
Combat system is chaotic, totally unbalanced and of course, not configured properly. 

200 unique skills

200 uniquely unbalanced skills, where I had no idea what which one was doing, just blindly practicing and using only few skills repeatedly.
Despite the fact, that the battle system was totally chaotic, it was still enjoyable, because at least there was more action than in the default battle systems.

100 scripts

This is the biggest flaw in the entire game. During gameplay I noticed that there were tons of unused content. many options and features, but many of them were unusable or broken. Menu covered in stuff, maps covered in stuff, but most of that was not usable at all or bugged.

house construction, player housing

One word - Disappointment. Moving one or two objects in a house can't be considered as house construction. This is another feature not configured properly. Planting seeds was partially broken. However! The idea was great and was a nice touch to game.
I'm not even sure if there is any, at least it was not a big part of the game, perhaps that's why there is stated this:

combat simulator

That's actually true, because besides combat there was not much to do, watch etc.. In fact there were some events and plot stuff, but everything was out of place and badly connected to each other - to this day I have no idea what's going on in this game.
Maps and general Look & Design
Another disappointment - it was just a premade-maps-show - no effort visible. Totally out of place.
Music and Sounds
Random dubstep songs, that were completely out of place. The songs themselves weren't that bad, but it shouldn't be in an RPG, especially in a ponified one. However, it's not the first game I've played, where the music ruined the atmosphere.

Despite many inconveniences, I really enjoyed playing this game, because still some features were nice (thankfully some of them were working ^^). The game itself isn't that bad, I really liked it. If you would just spend more time and put more effort to it to configure things properly, then that would be a really great game. It's just that the game was overloaded with content and 'the ship' sank because of it. I know this post looks just like a hate comment, but don't get me wrong - you stated, that you're working on the second part and I'm waiting to see this, but please don't make the same mistake twice - not amount of features makes the game better, but the quality of them.
And try to put some 'love' to it, because everything was chaotic - skills poorly described, bugged features - Make proper descriptions and neat gameplay (balance things) - that's what I'd love to see.
Gameplay  fVd1SLs.pngfVd1SLs.pngfVd1SLs.pnggmmiuzb.pngxmsmlQ6.png - many hours of gameplay, many stuff to do/discover - enjoyable
Story          fVd1SLs.pngxmsmlQ6.pngxmsmlQ6.pngxmsmlQ6.pngxmsmlQ6.png - Not interesting at all, no proper intro, I'm not sure what was happening
Design       xmsmlQ6.pngxmsmlQ6.pngxmsmlQ6.pngxmsmlQ6.pngxmsmlQ6.png - Default stuff, that is totally out of place
Audio         fVd1SLs.pngxmsmlQ6.pngxmsmlQ6.pngxmsmlQ6.pngxmsmlQ6.png - Tons of dubstep... In an MLP game... Not matching even a tiny little bit
Flaws         hwwxRyE.png                       - Tons of unused features (broken stuff and such)
                   i5FKDO4.png                        - Some bugs (balance / broken features)
                   i5FKDO4.png                        - Everything is chaotic (can be even seen on screenshots)
TOTAL       gmmiuzb.pngxmsmlQ6.pngxmsmlQ6.pngxmsmlQ6.pngxmsmlQ6.png
The game is enjoyable, but it looks absolutely unprofessional. I think I liked this game, because it was based on MLP. It is a good game, but everything is out of place and there's definitely too much content. However, if it is a first game ever made by you, then it's really well done as a first try, I'm not kidding.
Nevertheless, I really liked this game and I'm really looking forward for the second part. Just please, don't put bunch of stuff just to have many features (that are broken).
Also I wanted to thank you for the inspiration I got from your game. When I completed this, I was like: "If such an 'unprofessional looking' game can bring me so much fun for hours, then I should try to make one by myself!" - Don't get me wrong though, it's not for hating purposes, it really inspired me to try to make a game by myself (if you know what I mean) and now I'm here.
Looking forward for second part! (=

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