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In a normal RPG, the Protagonist in the story gains a great power in which he/she uses to accomplish a great deed and becomes a hero. The Reluctant Hero Series aims to do the exact opposite. Reluctant Hero is a series where the Protagonist has strong disadvantages that puts him/her behind the average person; however, through strategy, planning, and raw will power, he/she achieves the status of hero nevertheless and against all odds.


Divinity's theme is "last in line".


Type: Tactical

Genre: Fantasy + Science Fiction

Rated: Recommended 13+ for theme and animated violence.

Average Playtime: 15+ hours of custom parties and randomly generated battles with an end goal.



- The game is relatively difficult, but not impossible. You just have a wide array of tools in your belt to solve the problem.

- The game's battle system is Gubid's GTBS complimented by Yanfly's scripts and will most likely not work for your game. The scripts were interwoven.






1.0 Demo Released.

1.1 Fixed some minor and major bugs.

2.0 Finish 12/17/2015

2.1 Minor Bug Fix

3.0 Anti-Lag Upgrade + 100 MB of Non-RTP Music + Custom Title + Game name change




Known bugs:



None at the moment.






Divinity's Lore



Long ago, from a time long forgotten by history, existed demons who ruled the living world.


Death were common among the scorched land, for empathy is not a trait found among demons.

The people began to turn to the gods for salvation.


The gods descend from paradise to grant that very wish. Those who proved themselves worthy were granted power to contest the demons. They were given the name "Divines." Warriors of the gods.


As legends goes: The Demons were completely vanquished off the surface of the living world. The gods provided yet another gift among the people before their ascension above.


Towers leading to the skies rose from the surface. Yet, another feat. "Those worthy of reaching the top of these towers," spoke the gods, "will be rewarded with the entry to paradise and along with the gift of Divinity."


"But this is not a simple task, as these towers will be filled with the followers of the demons. This gift is yours to taking. Reach out and take it!"


These tower became known as "Dungeons" and thus, began an age of adventure.



Divinity's Characters:


Name: Player chose

Gender: Player chosen


The hero decided it was time to escape his/her boring life and go on an adventure. What better time to do it than with the grand entering of a Dungeon, a tower built by the gods to house the followers of the demons. Not only great adventures await in these Dungeons, but also wealth beyond ones’ imaginations and fame beyond ones’ believes.


Protagonist's Divines

Name: Scarlet

Gender: Female


Very outgoing, and easy to talk to, Scarlet is a Divines who was also a year late to the grand entering because of reasons of her own. When the hero arrived in town, this was the chance she was waiting for and immediately adopted the hero as well as claiming the hero’s new house.



Protagonist's Spouse

Name: Player chosen

Gender: Player chosen


The hero’s spouse is no small timer. He/she comes from line of wealthy adventurers and has decided it was time for him/her to find his/her own fortune and strike out on his/her own.

Divinity's Story:

Welcome to Oreh located in the Auran Empire. Oreh is a new but booming town built at the foot of a "Dungeon", a tower filled with not only savage monsters of all kind, but riches beyond the average adventurer's wildest dreams. However, the true prize laid at the top of the Dungeon; the prize of "Divinity".
Join [Player] as he arrives at Oreh, one year late of the town's "Grand Entering" because of an unfortunate event which, ultimately, not only delayed [Player] but also left him betrothed to well-to-do and combat-skilled [spouse], who is clearly out of [Player]'s league.
Nevertheless, [Player] forms a Clan with the equally unlucky Divines, Scarlet, at a late attempt to reach the top of the Dungeon.
Join [Player], as he/she embarks on this adventure to climb a mysterious tower and discover its hidden secrets.

Divinity's Screenshots:


Divinity's Credit:

Story and Produced by: Adventurer_inc


Tileset by: Enterbrain, Celianna, and Liberty.


Art by: Enterbrain, VexedEnigma, Pandamaru, The Infamous BonBon, Matseb2611, Marquise, and Ksi.


Music and Sound by: Darren Curtis, Murray Atkinson and Enterbrain.


Scripts by: Enterbrain, GubiD and the GTBS Community, Victor Sant, Yanfly, Vlue, Yami, Galv, TheoAllen, and KilloZapit.


[Copyright]© 2014 DEGICA, LTD; Enterbrain



All rights reserved.

Divinity's Features:


- Limited Inventory and Resources Management system: The amount of items you can carry is maxed by weight and not amount. You can increase the amount items you can carry by giving your members bags (weapon) and backpacks (accessory).


- Freely design your party from fifty different possible party members with fifteen different classes with unique abilities to mix in a dual class system.


- Three randomly generated personality stat that makes every encounter unique as well as randomly selected combat maps. Chances of having the same encounter twice is 1/30 million.


- A very powerful AI that will stop at nothing to prevent you from achieving victory, even openly attack it's own allies and heal enemies to slow them down.


- Limited Equip Skill System: Class skills are split into Active and Passive skills but are equipped into the same limited slots. Create members with very powerful normal attacks or members with a skill for every situation.


- Cast-time System and Active Act List: Stronger attacks requires a cast-time and the act list will give you an insight of when the attack will land. You must plan your point of attacks ahead of time.


- Three Stat Damage system: Attack (Melee-Range), Dexterity (Range), and Magic (Spells).


- Dual Resource system: Tactical Point, generates during battle, and Magic Point, limited supply.


- Role System: select from 5 different role for every member. Members will generate Tactical Points in battle based on their roles.


- Passives States:

  - Block: can only block frontal physical attacks

  - Evade: can only evade frontal and side physical attacks

  - Resist: resist both healing and damaging spells

  - Counter: physical attack back to the attacker if the attacker is next to the target


- Double-edge equipment system: almost every piece of equipment has a drawback for complete customization.


- A wide array of state to affect battle outcomes. Most equipment, strength, and weakness are revealed as states to provide maximum planning.


- Optional crafting system. As equipment become stronger, they only perceptively become better.


- Morality System: As the game progress, you'll make choices that will affect game play.


- Save anywhere + Auto-saves.


- Hotkey menu.

Game Download:

To allow easier updating, I moved it to Steam Workshop:

I will not add anymore features to this game so saved files will be relatively safe, unless a major game breaking bug shows up. I will, however, keep supporting it as long as possible. This game as taught me quite a bit about design, so I hope you'll learn something from it also.
- Adventurer_inc
Edited by Adventurer_inc.

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Very nice~ I love the tactical battle system! It looks great! c:


However, on your forested map I spotted some interesting mapping errors c: There's the overlay tree that's half cut off and floating mysteriously in the middle of the screenshot. It also looks like the tops of the NPCs heads at the sales stall are cut off by the top half of the table (pretty common when it comes to parallaxing, circumventing that problem can be a pain); interesting block shadow above/behind the first tree from the bottom left, and another tree cut off on the bottom at the bottom of the map :)

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All of this from just a screen shot. That is some good eye sight. I'll leap on it right away.  :lol:

I'll replace that screen shot when I finish.


Edit: Fixed and replaced.

Edited by Adventurer_inc.

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