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Wing Helm Parts

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So I saw one of the characters in the trailer had a winged helmet, and I absolutely loved it. I thought for sure such an awesome part would be available to the character generator... and much to my chagrin, it was not. So i made an easy fix for anyone who wants to use it for a faceset SV_battler and Walking Sprite. To use the the battler helm you'll need to export the character you want to place them on, open up the rear wing then layer the character over the top of that image then layer the helm and wing over that and it should fit over them Enjoy! Also please do not move these from this site, as eventually the credit will be lost as to who made them.



Winged_Helm_zpsffmr5kls.png  Wing_Helm_Rear_zpsfnauh1uj.pngWing_Helm_Front_zpshmal2uag.png





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Thank you for making this avilable! I agree, I fell in love the with Valkyrie like help and was sad is wasnt part of the build.

I hope we can make parts like this through the steam workshop (or something) like Ace, and stuff to help in the generator parts :)


I love this, so flashy~

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@Tsar: The generator is really nice, but honestly I expected more in it. It's sort of bare (right now). It doesn't even contain any of the older games clothing designs. It's really nice, but you are best to hold off on MV for now. I love it so far, but it is pretty empty (and apparently glitchy for others.


I also really want to try add this into the gen folders but it doesn't work/shop up in generator, so this is going in a desktop folder for priority later once I figure out how to add stuff.

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Yeah it's nice to be able to add stuff on the click of a button but with this file it currently can't be added that way. I actually have the real helm to add to the walking sprites tonight when I get home from work. the one I put in this file was actually a work around I had used before on an ACE character. But I went and got the helm that will actually work with the face file image.

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Alot of pain and frustration.

I messed around with the numerical stuff in the generator and tried piecing together the parts.

This video helped me out a bit too.


It's kinda basic once you get the hang of it, but if you want to add your own stuff, then I suggest making a backup of your generator (I made the mistake of not, and had to frantically fix it since it carries over even if you reinstall MV).


From the jist of it, the format is kinda;






Essentially that means;

* FG - You are editing/adding something in the Face graphic folder,

* Clothing - your adding/editing something under the clothing category

* p14 - it's the 14th item of that type.

* c1 - is optional if you want to be able to recolour. This can go upto c4 if you have each colourable section in seperate "layers". Still trying this part out - almost got it though.



If that makes sense?

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Oh yes the armor as well!

Also, what about the exclusive items for Actors 3_1 through 3_3?

If it's not too much, I mean.


Edit: Ughh... I need the hairstyle for the Valkyrie as well...

I just side-view battlers for the actors missing them... Why don't we have those?

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