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RMMV Plugin Scripting Tutorials

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I have the whole remaining months making videos and tutorials, so while I still have the strength and I am still alive, I'd like to create this thread. This is all I can do for the RM community for now, and I do hope it would help people learn how to write their own plugins in the future.


I keep this updated everyday. I will be making one to three tutorials a day.


Tutorial 1 - Variables

Tutorial 2 - More about Variables and Math Functions

Tutorial 3 - Functions and Variable Scope

Tutorial 4 - Conditional Operators and if..else..else if

Tutorial 5 - Boolean Operators

Tutorial 6 - Switch Case Statement

Tutorial 7 - Do While Loop

Tutorial 8 - While Loop and For Loop

Tutorial 9 - Using 'break' keyword in loops

Tutorial 10 - Starting Arrays

Tutorial 11 - Push, Pop and Elements

Tutorial 12 - More Array Functions and Comparing Two Arrays

Tutorial 13 - Parameters

Tutorial 14 - this and class variables

Tutorial 15 - Aliasing

Tutorial 16 - Sprites

Tutorial 17 - TilingSprite

Tutorial 18 - Creating a Basic Window

Tutorial 19 - Creating a Basic Scene

Tutorial 20 - Plugin: Splash Screen

Tutorial 21 - Plugin: Menu Backgrounds

Tutorial 22 - Class Variables and Arguments

Tutorial 22.5 - My Variables Don't Show

Tutorial 23 - Sprite Properties

Tutorial 24 - Plugin Commands

Tutorial 25 - Image as Title Commands

Tutorial 26 - instanceof

Tutorial 27 - Using Meta

Tutorial 28 - Party Members

Tutorial 29 - Battle Members

Tutorial 30 - Adding Custom Commands

Tutorial 31 - Adding a Custom Weather Type

Tutorial 32 - Menu Common Events

Tutorial 33 - Heal When Level Up

Tutorial 34 - Variable HUD

Tutorial 35 - Menu Transition

Tutorial 36 - Sprite Buttons

Tutorial 37 - Date Class

Tutorial 38 - Shutdown Option

Tutorial 39 - Apply vs. Call

Tutorial 40 - Sliding Animation

Tutorial 41 - Creating your own Sprite Class

Tutorial 42 - Array Parameters

Tutorial 43 - Objects
Tutorial 44 - Particle System Part 1
Tutorial 45 - Particle System Part 2
Tutorial 49 - PIXI.TwistFilter()
Tutorial 50 - JsonEx.parse
Tutorial 52 - Pulse Animation
Tutorial 53 - Regular Expressions
Tutorial 54 - Flashing Animation
Tutorial 55 - Class Features
Tutorial 56 – Custom Window Cursor
Tutorial 57 – Skip Gameover
Tutorial 58 – Window Class Explained
Tutorial 59 – The use of eval()
Tutorial 61 – Battle Status
Tutorial 62 – Encounters
Tutorial 63 – Preemptive and Surprise
Tutorial 65 – rpg_core: Graphics
Tutorial 66 – rpg_core: Input
Tutorial 67 – AudioManager
Tutorial 68 – Why is Scene_Base Important?
Tutorial 69 – What is Scene_Boot?
Tutorial 70 – Save and Load
Tutorial 71 – Scene_MenuBase and Scene_Menu
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nice array guide video :D.

just want to share some useful additional trivia for array


checking array contain element:

in ruby we can use:

a = [1,2,3]

a.include?(1) # true


in JS we can use:

a = [1,2,3]

a.indexOf(1) >= 0 #true

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Updated the tutorial with 3 new videos. Learn about Parameters, Aliasing, this and class variables! For any other scripting tutorials you'd like to have, just drop me a PM or comment.


Upcoming tutorials would focus on actual plugins you can see and use inside RMMV.

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I cannot thank you enough on how you take a daunting task like coding/scripting and explain it simple enough for one who has no knowledge of coding/scripting to somewhat increase in understanding of the subject.

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You're welcome. If you have requested tutorials or things that you wanted to get cleared don't forget to ask. I will make a video of the requested tutorial once I see them as possible tutorial for my videos.

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Bumping thread.


New tutorials added:

  • Introduction to PIXI.js
  • PIXI.BlurFilter
  • JsonEx.parse
  • Automatic Switch Handling
  • Pulse Motion Animation based from Foundation HTML5 Animation

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*stares at the many tutorials*

So many... *hides in corner*


Thank you Soul for taking the time to make these up.

I'll be using them as soon as the migraine goes away! Last time I saw this thread there was only maybe 6?

I feel neglectful now ._.

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