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What does it do?
Adds more functionality to states.
Stacking states - E.g. 10 Bleeding state stacks, 5 Poison state stacks
Transforming states at stacks reached - E.g. At 5 Poison stacks, transform it into Toxic state.
Author: Mr. Trivel
Name: States EX
Created: 2015-10-27
Version: 1.0
Plugin: <Link: Github>
How to download the Plugin: Click the link above, there will be a button named Raw, press Right Click -> Save As.
Special thanks to Harold, Therese, Marsha and Lucius for getting poisoned for hours without breaks while testing.
P.S. They did survive.
I'm also interested in ideas for more functionality for states.
Free for non-commercial games.
For commercial use contact me.
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How about allowing states to buff or debuff EX and SP parameters?

You can already do that in ACE and MV without needing a plugin, though. Poison is HP Degen (-10% hp regeneration, which is an EX param), and even Death/Knockout is Exp rate * 0%, which is an SP Param.


That being said, though, now I wonder about the possibility of a "Heavily Wounded"/"Dying" state where you're so badly hurt you need a life spell just to get the character back to a regular Wounded state :P

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I've been testing out this plugin to create stacking Bleed states, and I find that it works except I can't seem to make the stack number show up on the state. I'm inferring that it works based on the damage per turn from Bleed so I know the stacking is working. I'm using Yanfly plugins as well so I don't know if its a compatibility issue?

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For those that care, you can tweak what the Buffs do in rpg_objects.js

Game_BattlerBase.prototype.isMaxBuffAffected = function(paramId) {
    return this._buffs[paramId] === 4;

Game_BattlerBase.prototype.isMaxDebuffAffected = function(paramId) {
    return this._buffs[paramId] === -4;

as well as 

Game_BattlerBase.prototype.paramBuffRate = function(paramId) {
    return this._buffs[paramId] * 0.25 + 1.0;

I changed the max buffs from 2 to 4, so that I can get a +100% buff rate (+25% times 4) 

There may be a script out there that does this but, well here you go.

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