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Japanese Plug In Gone Rogue!

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Hello guys~ It`s been a while since I actually posted a topic and here it goes~ Another HELP ME MEOW topic xD


Apparently, this certain japanese plugin is doing some crazy stuff right now. You see, this certain plugin enables the player to change weapons in battle (as well as shields). It`s working fine with changing weapons but things go crazy when changing shields.


When I highlight the shield option so I can change my shield, the weapons are still selectable. If you select a weapon rather than a shield, the weapon gets consumed. Yes, consumed, weapon lost forever. I dunno how to fix them meow... :(


Here is the plug in if you need to check it :3

All the other Plug Ins that I use are all from YANFLY~





It seems to be an incompatibility with Yanfly and this plug in :3 I shall try to contact yanfly





My topic title though.... xD

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Hmmm.. looks like it is clashing with one of the yanfly scripts :3 I`ll update meow once I find the cause :3




Apparently Yanfly Equip Core is incompatible with this plug in meow

Tried changing the order of both plugins but no effect :(

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