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RPGMaker MV Plugin Master Script List

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Some devs have been hard at work putting together a website that allows you to submit plugins!

All of the plugins will automatically be added into a master plugin list when it is submitted.


Here's the site: http://mvplugins.com/


It looks promising. I've signed up and added my plugins to the list. If you're a plugin developer, maybe you can put some of your stuff there as well.


It's still in development, but if more people use it maybe that will provide more motivation :P

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Tried adding a plugin and I think it didn't like that I had a slash in the plugin name. Can't see a way to change it or contact the devs.

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I created something like this too. And I see two problems:


1) It uses external links (doesn't keep copies of stuff)

2) It only addresses scripts -- not resources (eg. sprites)


Are there any plans to address these two issues?


If not, I will revive my own project for this, which I put on hold when I heard about this.

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