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Szyu's Crafting System

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Szyu's CraftingSystem

plugin for RPG Maker MV


A simple crafting system, to craft items, weapons and armors based on recipes and recipe books.
Link to mediafire


How to Use
For detailed explanations on how to use the plugin, check the plugin manager's help button for this script.

Terms of Use
You are free to use this script for commercial and non-commercial projects. However I'd like you to inform me of the projects you are planning to use it in, so I can keep track of where my scripts are used.

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Thanks guys for the replies :)

I chose to make my axes out of potions because.. uhmm... because MV told me to. And Leaf axes were out :)


If you run into trouble with the plugin, please let me know

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Great crafting script. I have a few questions, though. Would it be possible to craft multiple items at once, if you have the ingredients to do so? Also, would it be possible to call a 'main crafting' menu where you choose the category of crafting, rather than calling each category with a separate plugin command?


Either way, thanks for making this script.

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