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It's me again, Kirbster Superstar! I have some questions because I really want to make my game good!



1. Is it possible to include voice acting and a few platformer moments in your game? I want to make an RPG fan sequel to Sonic 06, but I want to to stay true to the core elements of Sonic games: Speed and platforming


2. Is it possible to use movies in the beginning of your game? I've always had a thing for intros, especially in anime. I don't want to an intro when the game begins and have person dig into the game data to watch the opening intro again. Animated cutscenes is also a must for my game. Does anyone know a converter that supports MP4 to OGV?


3. Can you use different battle themes?


4. How do you use full body sprites for dialogue + with different emotional variations?




I hope to have feedback, would be appreciated! (******I AM KEEPING THE BANNER HERE TO USE FOR MY SIGNATURE******) 

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1. Voice clips can be stored as SE audio, and inserted into the game as such.  As for platforming, it really depends on what extent you're looking to go with the platforming aspect.


2. There should be at least one script floating around that skips the default intro.  If you use that, then you can use the play movie event command to put your animation into the game.  You can then use pictures and 'Show Choices' commands, as well as a script call for each choice, to make your own start screen.


3. This sounds like a broad question.  I think I know what you mean, but I'd rather you be more specific first.


4. This sounds like it would be best done with pictures.  Use the set of picture related events to spawn the full body images as such, and to manipulate them so they're just right in terms of screen position.  When you want to have the image change expression, just put another picture in and remove the one you last used.  Also, if you dig you might be able to find a script that you can plug a set of pictures into to make an animated image.  I don't know if anyone's made it, but if they have, this would probably be the place to find it.


Good luck with your project.

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