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Large Sprite Overlay Problem

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I'm hoping someone can help me solve this problem I've been having for a while but haven't figured out a solution


The problem I'm having can be seen in the screenshot below




As you can see the hair is 2 pixels to high so it goes into the above overlay of the fence however the sprite I've made is only 32 x 62 now you might ask

just reduce the size of the sprite by 2 pixels but it makes a fairly significant difference on how the sprite looks (to me anyway) since I cant get the heads as

round as I'd like with the 2 pixel difference like the below example




Anyway the solution I can see but I dont know if its possible to do would be to move the sprite 2 pixels down, I cant do this in paint.net as the sprite is at the very

bottom of the 32 x 64 box I've created as you can see below





But despite it being at the bottom of the sprite box in game it automatically gets moved at least 4 pixels up which is whats causing me the problem

can I stop the, or reduce the amount that the sprite gets moved up?





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If you want to stop the 4-pixel movement completely, add a ! in front of the file name :)


Thanks that worked perfectly ^^


@Dymdez - I'm not using any scripts just the out of the box editor

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