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Sci-Fi Tileset edits

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Made some recolored edits to some of the sci-fi tilesets. Includes a SF_Inside_D I made with colored lasers & some floor tiles so they can be used as event images (since you can't set A Tiles as event images, which is still really stupid).


Also have a SF_Inside_A5 with recolors of the cyberspace floor tile. Haven't gotten around to making matching A4 walls with them yet though.


And I also turned the Cyberspace battleback into a parallax background (Resized for screen Resolution). But you may need to resize it based on whatever screen resolution you have your project set to (if using Yanfly's Core Engine or Screen Resolution plugins).


Sci-Fi Tileset: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/rngi7o4rlc35t6k/AABjL91xV3hYRvzHCy6DzNMGa?dl=0


(Had to remove attached thumbnails due to running out of space)

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11 hours ago, BKPhantom said:

The Cyberspace parallax looks beautiful.


May I ask permission to use it in a game?


I'll mention in the credits, of course.


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