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[RMMV] Story Book Ex Plugin

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[RMMV] Story Book Ex Plugin {Script by: Soulpour777}
– Story Image, Text X Axis, Text Y Axis and Text Scroll Speed
– Book Particle, Scroll X and Scroll Y
– Skip Availability
– Music Name, Volume, Pitch and Pan
Open Features:
– availability to skip.
– availability to present stories and even credits in scrolling manner.
Images should be placed under img / pictures folder.
To call the scene, place this on the script call event:
Moghunter – During XP and VX engine days, he made this script called ‘Scene Book’, where the idea is you see scrolling images, a music ad a few wavy images to simulate the story being read. I was thinking of making one for MV, but I coded this during my earlier days of learning MV, so I made it the simplest way possible. I want to credit him for the original script and idea behind the creation of this plugin.


Get the plugin at SoulxRegalia.

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@TBWCS The links are no longer available. Please update your thread with working links and quote/mention me when done. Otherwise the thread will be locked in 7 days.

If anybody else manages to find correct links, feel free to post them below, thank you.


Thread will be locked on July 20, 2018 at 02:03 AM

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