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Save your Mother


On Sale!





Abstract: Save your Mother is an upcoming commercial version of a highly succesful RPG Maker game that was created within the span of one month for the "Quest for Fun" contest. The original version won the first place and was downloaded by 39288 people before the download was removed. The commercial version improves on every single aspect of the original, including making many things from the ground up fresh and new, keeping many things that made the old game work but also improving on the format enough for a commercial release.
Genre: Fantasy
Engine: RPG Maker VX Ace
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The game takes place in the same Megaverse as all my other projects, as such there is a rich and robust world to build with the mythos of over 15 years of game making. The timeline for the game takes place about 500 years in the New World after the Old World was destroyed by the War of Gods, if anyone is interested or well versed in my mythos.




There are quite several colorful characters in the game, here are just few important ones.






Alice is the main character of the game, as well as the avatar the player controls throughout the game. She is a renowed scholar nicknamed "Silver Scholar" due to the coloring of her hair. She uses her knowledge and skills to find out about the legend of Elohim Cube as well as making use of it in solving the various tasks that wait inside.






Jenna is the rival you meet early into the game. She wants to obtain the cube as well for her own sake, though she wishes to sell the cube and earn a fortune from it. Jenna is unlike Alice, very streetsmarts girl and doesn't shy away from using dirty tactics. She and Alice are against each other but for no personal reason but rather them both having a common goal.






Elisa is the mother of Alice who has grown ill. Alice knows that nothing can cure her mother but the Elohim Cube, she has already tried everything but no ailment has worked, not even out of ordinary cures. The game ends if she dies. 




Full credits in game



Art by Mamabliss

Spriting and mapping by Cosmic Kitty

RTP assets by Enterbrain

Schala ATB by Moghunter

With video editing by Felix-Antoine Dupere

Music by Joel Steudler

Message system by Modern-Algebra

Light effects by Victor Saint












  • A game about puzzle and action, very gameplay oriented adventure
  • Fast paced combat with epic, grand special moves.
  • Hand painted cutscene art and character art that shows variety of emotions, blinking and mouth movement
  • Inspiring, eerie soundtrack does invoke variety of emotions from fear to happiness and getting you pumped up for the challenges.
  • Is the game too easy? Unlock the special hardcore mode to add to your challenge!
  • Steam achievements&Trading Cards




Q: Will there be a Kickstarter/Indiegogo/Whatever?

A: Sadly, no. While I would love nothing more than to get a fundraiser to be able to pay off some extra resources as well as possibly hiring voice actors, my country's idiotic laws prevent me from doing so. Everything about this game has been funded directly from my personal money that I was saving for years for this exact reason.


Q: I'm a composer and I'd like to do the soundtrack for this game, how do I come about to contacting you?

A: As flattered as I am, I sadly had to turn away already two very talented soundtrack artists. To be 100% honest, the game already has soundtrack and I've already paid for it.

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Is there a demo for this now?


I'm not going to shell out money unless I know it's good now.


Only way I could know that is playing a short demo so please make one.



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Is there a demo for this now?


I'm not going to shell out money unless I know it's good now.


Only way I could know that is playing a short demo so please make one.


Nope, there won't ever be a demo. I was going to make one but then was discouraged from making one by seeing this.



It's true too, there's a reason why we don't see demos that often any more. The risk vs reward is not good enough.


This guy has been doing a pretty good let's play of it, so maybe you could check it out a bit to see if the game's to your liking?



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