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Pearl abs death character change help

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so here is my goal: to be able to change characters automatically in combat in the pearl abs system with the character you changed from in a paralysis or any kind of state applicable


how I have partially accomplished it so far: going into battle with the other 3 party members dead, an event call revives a dead character while summoning a grim reaper enemy event that comes in, one shots the players current character forcing you to switch.


what ive been trying to do is after the switch takes place, have an event revive the previously killed character and place them in a state.

how ever this has not been able to occur.


even if i could find a way to just stun my controlled character (so they can still take hp damage) and then have them automatically switch to the next character that would be cool


ps: does anyone know how to effect the aggro system in pearl abs?


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Well, I know the answer to your second question. You use the following notetag in your enemies notes box "Enemy Sensor = x" where x is the number of tiles you want to trigger agro. If you want to change the sensor on the map then do this:


Add this after your Pearl scripts

class Game_Event < Game_Character
   def agro(x)
      @sensor = x

and you make it work with this script call (replace event_id with the number ID of the event)





I don't really understand your first question.

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ok, so my first question: so out of battle, you change which party member you want to play as through the menu. in battle, the only way you can change to another character in the party is when the character you control dies. you can't open the menu to switch party members during battle.


the way my battles are currently is that a revived character can place a previous character on stand bye by reviving them but they are placed in a paralysis state.


my battle system is essentially megaman battle network but with 4 characters on the players side of the field. you only control one character at a time  while the other 3 are in stand bye and can still take damage on the field. currently, when the death switch does occur , the character the player controls will switch with the next character on the back lines, my eventual goal is to have it so that the stand bye characters can be interspersed around the battle field , serving strategically as chest high walls and as a goal for the player to defend, as well shape the environment of the grid by having spaces the player cannot venture. provided I can get the aggro system to work ( i have not touched it yet), enemies will only go after the player avoiding the living chest high walls/ allies   

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So I was able to succeed with the switch though it is far from perfect and is still a work around. so this is how i works.

when you first enter a battle encounter, your three followers are paralyzed in the back row. they cannot be engaged to change or do dammage, thus simply stand at the back and take damage. To execute the seamless death switch as I call it, the player uses a skill (Death switch)


Death switch (choose character)

-bestows upon the receiver Skill X ( not important, just a substitute for a variable)

-Calls common event (Death trigger)

                                   - Death trigger summons an enemy for clarity's sake, the Grim Reaper at the top of the back row, launches a piercing arrow that kills the entire                                        back row.

                                                 - GR's automatic move route has him do this, then retreat to the top of the map out of range

                                   - Common event processing waits (320 frames) for the GR to slay his foes.

                                      Proceeds to a conditional branch: does member x (the target of the initial death switch skill )possess skill x? y/n

                                      y: member x revived/ minus paralysis/

                                      - Common event summons the gr to kill the initial caster under player control before hopping away

                                       - the switch here then occurs. With no other alive members, Member X exchanges places with the initial caster

                                        - Revive Caster and other members in back row, common event ends. DEATH SWITCH COMPLETE.


The only problem I'm having is when the gr's bow skill misses the target. I set the hit rate on the weapon itself to 100 percent, yet it occasionally misses and derides the whole process. Does anyone know how to make it impossible for a skill or projectile miss?

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with the switching yes, I'll post how I did that after. There are still complications though. For example, if the player dies from enemies, you will be switched to a character in paralysis. the switch command removes it, but death triggers it automatically. So it still has a long way to go, but as far as being conceptual it's doing it's job in the grand scheme of things.


I will post the command events I have set up probably later tonight.

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