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Creating a Civilisation

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So, I've got most of the background for the civilization that'll be in a game. I was just wondering if anyone could think of any other aspects that need to be created. I'll note that I haven't looked at wars because the basis of the civilization is that of peace.


Without going into detail, so far I have:


Founding of the civilization


Reason for founding

Basis of the civilisation


Society as a whole

How society was divided

How society interacted with each other

Education system


Government as a whole

What governmental system was used

How members were elected



Belief system





Fall of the civilisation


Notable figures in history


Alphabet and dictionary

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Geographic location?  Are they on the coast where their lives revolve around obtaining seafood and naval defense? on a small island where they have little contact with other civs? in a mountainous region where central government is hard and every valley speaks a different dialact?  A fertile delta where they can grow tons of food and have to fight off other civs who want the land?  An area rich in iron and gold where mining is key to their prosperity?

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I think natural and human resource is definitely one. You can't build a civ without any resource. Well, It might not be important for games because they usually get money everytime you kill monster and there's a bunch of them.

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