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Rules and Guidelines

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The following rules and guidelines apply to all topics within the Completed MV Plugins section. They may be changed or expanded upon in the future.
Please remember that this section is only for complete scripts that are working with RPGMaker MV (Javascript).
If your plugin is for  RPGMaker VX Ace (RGSS3) please post it here instead. If it is for  RGGMaker VX (RGSS2), please post it here instead. RPGMaker XP (RGSS) is currently not supported on this site.

  • All general forum rules still apply unless they conflict with the additional rules outlined below.
  • No meaningless bumping - You may bump only when having a significant update.
  • When posting Javascript code, please post it into [ code ] tags. This makes the code easier to read and prevents the post editor to falsify your code.
    You can easily do this in the WYSIWYG editor by pressing the <> button and pasting your plugin in the popup.
  • Please include visual material of what you are talking about if necessary.
  • If you are including video files, a long section of code, or multiple images, please use [ spoiler ] tags to hide them.
  • Please include or link to all plugins mentioned in your posts.
  • Do not plagiarize. Plagiarizing is the act of posting somebody else's work and claiming it as your own.
  • All plugins have to be in English. If you want to post a plugin that originally wasn't in English, please translate all of the comments. Google Translate has mistakes and horrible grammar, so please don't only rely on it.
  • If you want to post a plugin somebody else created, you can only do so if you meet the following requirements:
    • You have to have received permission to post the script by the original creator of the plugin.
      • This permission could, for instance, be in a line of commentary in the script, a Terms of Use section on the author's website, or be granted in an email.
      • You will have to show proof of your permission to post the script.
    • You will have to credit the original plugin creator and provide an additional link to the original source, if available.
    • This also applies if you want to post an edit or translation of someone else's plugin. In this case, you will need permission to both post and translate or edit the script.
    • If you didn't receive the required permissions, you may not post the plugin. You may, however, post a link to the original source of the plugin.
  • Your topic must contain all of the following:
    • The plugin's name
    • Complete credits
    • A general description of the plugin and a list of features
    • A list of required plugins, if any
    • A list of known compatibility issues with other plugins, if any
    • The plugin itself or a link to the plugin. A game demo including the plugin can be posted alternatively or additionally.
  • If a link to a plugin is broken and it hasn't already been noted in the thread, please post in the thread and request a reupload or fix. This is an exception from the necroposting rule, you will not get punished for doing this.
  • If you require help with the plugin, found a bug, or have something new to say that wasn't already mentioned in the thread (for instance an suggestion how to improve the plugin), you may post it as a reply to the thread. This is an exception from the necroposting rule, you will not be punished for doing this.

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