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Evented Graphical First Person Battle

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This is part 1 of a two part tutorial on how to make Graphical First Person Battles using events.

Part 2 will come when I figure out the best way to animate the attacks.

So if anyone has any idea how to check if an actor is attacking for the purpose of a conditional branch condition, let me know.


I love the default combat system. Side view is all right, but its been done by 34956875602 different games.

I like the first person aspect. To me it just feels more personal.

Sadly it is a little lacking in the flair department, and so I set out to fix this. 

Keep in mind, what I am about to show you isn't for the faint of heart or those allergic to chocolate.

And it might give you a quick glimpse of how certain events can be used differently and more creatively.


Evented True First person battles.

(Disclaimer, this is not animated. It simply shows hands, and weapons/gauntlets/shields if you set them up.

See opening comments about the system being animated)

(Disclaimer 2, this only checks for the equipment of the first actor, or whoever you set up the common event for)


Step 1.

Creating the Resources

In this evented combat system, we will be using pictures to show the player and weapons instead of sprites.

In this tutorial, they will be referred to as the "Frame" or "Frames".

All frames will go in your "Picture" folder, in the img folder at the root of your Project Folder.

I HIGHLY recommend using gimp to modify/create pictures. I use it for all of my sprite art.

You can find it at http://www.gimp.org/downloads/

All frames must be the native resolution of the game you are creating.

Meaning that if you are using the default resolution, the frames must be 816x624.

I started with a basic empty picture, sized 816x624. Make sure that it is transparent.

If you dont know how to do that, well, google works wonders when learning to use a program like Gimp.

I then cropped and modified some of the SV actors hands to create a kind of Elder scrolls esque view.

For the Spriting illiterate, here is a basic image to use/build off of.


I then modified some of the weapons sprites in the same way.

You may also use/build off of these.post-19252-0-25448700-1447873926_thumb.pngpost-19252-0-40090700-1447873930_thumb.pngpost-19252-0-83311700-1447873934_thumb.pngpost-19252-0-60654800-1447873944_thumb.pngpost-19252-0-08606200-1447873949_thumb.pngpost-19252-0-01832900-1447873958_thumb.png

After you have these resources, you are ready for the eventing!


Step 2.

Creating the Event

First and foremost, we will be using a common event at the beginning of each battle to show the equipment.

So name a common event something like FPB or something, idk.

Within that common event, we are going to be using conditional branches to check for equipment at the start of battle.

The first event will be Show Picture. This is located on the second tab under Picture.

The frame we will be using is "Holding.png"

Set that frame to be picture number 3.

The reason this is set first, and not in a condition, is so that even if we dont have a weapon equipped,

it will still show the fists. So barehand fighting is a thing.

From there the flow of adding items is rather simple.

Condtional Branch> Actor> Weapon>the weapon you want to check for

Make sure to leave "create else branch?" unticked.

Then within that conditional branch we set the corresponding weapon frame.

Show Picture> "name of weapon frame you wish to use"

Set that to picture number 1


Conditional Branch>Actor 1>Weapon> Longsword

the conditional branch will show up as

*If: Actor 1 has equipped Longsword

     Show Picture : #1, Longsword, Upper Left (0,0), (100%,100%), 255, Normal

The picture number indicates in what order it will be drawn, 1 being the first and lowest frame.

Therefore when we use the "Holding" frame as picture two, and the weapon frame as picture 1,

the holding frame will overlap the weapon giving the appearance of being held.

Do the same for each weapon in your database.

By the time you are finished it should look something like this;



Step 3.

Calling the system for battle

The very last step in this process is to run the common event from the troop tab.

Go to troops, and in the battle event, run the common event we just created.

Set the conditions for Turn number 0 and the span as Battle.

It should look like this


If you don't fell like setting up EVERY troop event I highly recommend Yanfly's

Base Troop Events.

It will allow you to use the first troop's event as a general event that ALL troops use.

You can find it here



Step 4.

Prepare for BATTLE!

With any luck I have described this well enough for you to have the event set up perfectly.

Go in to battle young one, and draw thee pixel sword!






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I must admit - this really looks interesting! XD

This is clever ~ I had a similar idea for Ace, except making it a little more complex. =P

Thanks haha.

I actually intend on fully animating it to the point of attack animations, casting animations, item use animations and the like.

I started it like 2 days ago and this is what I have so far.

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Hey,everyone I'am new here but I had been on rpgmakerweb for some months and yes i'am replying to this thread so late,but @DangerZone I just editied my comment I was asking for a demo  cause I don't want to read what you had written so now I just read all that and i'am editing my reply.WHERE IS THE LINK OF THE PART-2?//

Edited by chetan

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