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RPG Maker VX ace Crafting/Cooking script request

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:)  Hello, I am looking for a Crafting/Cooking script for a game project I am working on. I would like for the script to run like R4Gegamingstudios cooking system found in there Survival island game demo.


This is what I would like the script to do (please jump ahead to the time 2:18) 


YouTube Link (disclaimer this is not my YouTube channel):





Thank you in advanced



Sincerely: Sakurahan01




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Hello holidayse, I would like to thank you all for your help. My scrip requst has been answer and I am extremely greatful for the help. I would like to say thanks to all that had replyed and special thanks to Fox420 for providing the script. If anyone has any questions please message me and I will try to provide the answers. Thank you all for your help


Sincerely, Sakurahan01



Happy Holidays

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I know you said you got the script request done, but to clarify, I'm pretty sure that is Venka's Crafting Script that is being used.

I used the exact same script in my old Ace project, and it was a pretty excellent script.

Easy, organised and very customizable.


Just incase it's needed here is the link~


Also, if I mind right, that sounds like TheUnproPro on youtube ;P

He used to do several tutorials and demo LP's, but now he's making his own game on MV through streams.

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