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Change Battle Command Options

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Hey, I am unsure if this is do-able without a plugin, so I'll post this here since I think it's the correct place.



Basically, what I am looking for is a possible way to change the default battle options such as "Magic", "Guard" and such to an actualy command.


So instead of going into Magic and selecting Fireball, I would like to access it straight from the menu, like so;







Is this possible to do, and if so, I need it to also be able to allow extra skills to be added later, so I can add more skills and maybe even remove some.




This isn't for the Indie in a Week, just thought I'd say.

This is for a little side project I'm doing ;)

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That's pretty cool actually.

I already know a dozen new ideas to do with that kind of mechanic actually.


Great work Hime :D

I look forward to this~

Especially if it have the features I need <3

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Here's another video, showcasing another feature



I have to implement command conditions first (so you can't use a command if you don't have enough MP, for example), but after that I can add a "use skill" command which will automatically select that as the skill you want to use.


Closed beta testing is currently available for patrons before I release it.


If there's any other command-related functionality you can think of just let me know.

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