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Free Unofficial sequel? is it possible

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Ok So Basically I love the Idea behind the last of us, I want to see it explored more.  Now seeing how good it did it is possible naughty Dog will do a sequel But theres never a garentee.


I want to make one.  But I'm not sure whether it constitutes Theft.  I'd Offer it for free, And it wouldn't involve any characters from the first one (except infected of course lol)


Basically I'm setting it in England.  A safe Zone in the North is over run by infected while the PC is out on a scavenging mission. so her and the survivors decide to travle south to find a new safe zone.


Do you think that would be ok as long as I credit Every one and Make it for free?

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It's not really theft, but it comes down to something called Copyright law.


The gist of it is that if some comes up with an idea and publishes it, they own that idea. Da Vinchi held the copyright for the Mona Lisa, Naughty Dog holds the copyright to The Last of Us. Konami cannot make The Last of Us 2, and cannot take credit for The Last of Us 1 because Konami did not have the idea, and does not own the copyright for it. Individuals are the exact same.

I'm amusing you took your avatar image off of google? If so there's a 99% chance what you've done is actually illegal under US, Canadian, and UK law. You do not own the copyright to that image, so you cannot distribute it, wither for money or not. The same goes for games, especially fan games. You cannot, by law, distribute (read: pirate) The Last of Us 1, or make a Last of Us 2 because you do not own the copyright. After all, you wouldn't want someone making a copy off your game, and taking the credit for it.


...Did you hear that sound too?


There is such thing as "Fair Use" which is when people CAN use other people's copyright material without needing approval from the copyright holder. Fair Use is pretty much limited solely to education (anything goes for schools), and critics can use footage from movies they're reviewing. That's pretty much it. Fan games do not constitute fair use. Fan art does not constitute fair use. Pretty much any music you hear on YouTube does not constitute as fair use. These are all 100% criminal activities.


...Yeah, it sounds like something's completely broken doesn't it? Something like copyright law.


Things like fan art, and fan games, music videos, and forum avatars can slip through the cracks of illegality because of both their sheer volume, and the fact that only old Japanese executives care about copyright now, and people hate them for it. Ahem.


Anyways, what's that mean for your game? It means it's illegal to call it "The Last of Us" and it's illegal to feature any of their resources, assets, code, music, characters, plot, scenario, settings, or theme. It also means nobody gives a damn if you do it illegally, especially if you're not making money off of it. If you consider yourself a small target, then go ahead. Just don't be surprised, and don't complain if you get hit with a Cease and Desist.

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That's all true, I guess I'll go for it and if they say take it down,  I will


though honestly I don't think It would interest them at all, I have no illusion that people would get my game mixed up with the real 'Last Of Us' or anything So I honestly don't see what I'm doing as a threat to them.


Thanks for the explanation and advice :D

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