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Comment event Effect on skill run first?

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I don't so much need a script as I need help figuring out where in the .js files to start.

I am trying to make it so that when I use a skill that has a common event as an effect, the common event runs first, and THEN the actual skill.

For instance, if I create a summoning skill called "Ifrit", and I set the effect to a common event to show pictures, it would do the damage and then show a picture.

Instead I would like to run the common event first, to show the picture first and then finish with an animation and damage.

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During action processing, event updating is not performed


  BattleManager.updateEvent = function() {
    switch (this._phase) {
    case 'start':
    case 'turn':
    case 'turnEnd':
        if (this.isActionForced()) {
            return true;
        } else {
            return this.updateEventMain();
    return this.checkAbort();

  BattleManager.startAction = function() {
    var subject = this._subject;
    var action = subject.currentAction();
    var targets = action.makeTargets();
    this._phase = 'action';
    this._action = action;
    this._targets = targets;
    this._logWindow.startAction(subject, action, targets);
You would need to figure out when to check for common events, and consequently, process those events before actually performing the skill.

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