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Help, how to make a mack character sprite.

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Hi, í'm actually working in my own rpg game, i want to create my own character sprites but i don't like the chibi models, so i would like to make my characters with a mack model, but i can't find any tutorials on the internet to make them, i need tips because it's really hard (at least for me) to make a mack sprite compared to a chibi sprite, any useful help/tips/information will be appreciated.

Also, just in case, the difference between those two models...


Chibi sprite: 708.png


Mack sprite: E73.png

Basically, the mack sprites are larger and have a normal body/head size, meanwhile the chibi ones have a huge head and a tiny body.

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VFlDhHO.png I have moved this thread to Resource Requests, as the question is related to resources. (=

Is this good or bad?


What do you mean?

Don't you worry about that, nobody is going to do something bad to you. ( Í¡áµ” ͜ʖ Í¡áµ” )

I've just moved the thread to more appropriate area (though I can always make a mistake of course) and generally you shouldn't be worried about that ~ count that as just cleaning.

It's all fine. (=

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