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Uzi's Drugged Adventures: Vengeance with a side of eggs

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Story / Setting / Purpose:
Uzi is a crazy little fixer that is addicted to pretty much every drug she can get her hands on. But how did she get this way? Nobody knows. The truth lies deep with in her mind. Even though she doesn't care to know the truth, the truth wants to be heard. After getting high, Uzi falls into one of her delusional states. But this time her mind has plans for her. It wants her to remember that which she had forced herself to forget.

In this adventure you must try to save the king from the crazy Dr. Uranus. Hints of her past linger around every corner, but will she even notice them? Or is the reward that the Queen promised her the only thing she can think about?

Genre: Fantasy, RPG Shooter
The game is like a Zelda shooter. Enemies won't attack you unless they see you. Different enemies have different ranges of view. Some enemies you'll want to kill before they see you, others you will want to avoid all together. There's a LOT to do, including 20 achievements.
Rating: Mature
Alcohol Reference, Blood and Gore, Crude Humor, Drug Reference, Partial Nudity, Sexual Themes, Sexual Violence, Strong Language, Use of Alcohol, Use of Drugs, Violence

Average Game Time: When I tested it I hit 3 hours, but that doesn't count deaths. Also I knew where everything was. I was also using cheats to speed up the testing. So I expect the game is actually much longer. Probably around 5-10 hours.
Character Bios:
Personality: Insane, Crazy, Silly, Druggy
Human Type: Fixer
Rank: Staff
About: Uzi is an insane druggy. The only reason she isn’t brain dead from all the drugs is because she’s a fixer (Very Powerful Brain). Rika normally pranks her or uses her as target practice. The bullets don’t kill her though because she accidentally equipped herself with REN thinking it was a drug.
This game has multiple skills. It also has achievements which are aimed at the many easter eggs within the game. There are also other easter eggs in game, but they are much harder to find. The game uses Sapphire Action System IV which makes this game into a fun RPG styled shooter.
Known Issues:
Enemies and villagers spawn locations are random. So if you save in a village where villagers can spawn there is a small chance you will spawn on them and get stuck. This is not a big deal. Just quit and reopen the save. They change there position every time you open the map.

Run Time Pack Required: 11MB

Mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/download/dqioc3pv3y3ckhh/UziDA1_S1.03.zip
GE.TT: http://ge.tt/7NEYQQW2/v/0

Does not require Run Time Pack: 204 MB
Mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/download/ew0q1sjku5a3ala/UziDA1_L1.03.zip


Game Update 1.03



- Admin's room won't open if you did the clown achievement.

- Spelling errors.

- Walk through walls that contain blood.

- Spawning


You should be able to use the save from 1.01 on 1.03, just make sure you save in town or in an area without enemies before moving it to 1.03.


These problems were found by shayoko from http://rpgmaker.net/

Thanks for your help.
Credits: This list is going to be kind of long... Since this list is going to be so long, I put it in a spoiler tag.


Bunni89 - Syringe Icons

KayddaCraft - OP image

Amysaurus121 - RPG Maker VX - Legend of Zelda Icons

7soul1 - Item icons

*RPG Maker Community*


GAMECLOVER - Skeletons sprites

Khas - Sapphire Action System IV

Tsukihime - Random Event Positions

grandmadeb - Sprites

"Bluerobin's Rooster Faceset"

"Birdzilla's RTP RPG Maker VX/ACE Sprite recolors"

Amysaurus - Vulture & Eagle sprites

OneCutStudio - Chicken icon

thomas_surles - Alien sprites

Hi I mean you - Blood icons

Rikifive - Turn off global self switch

Tejas - Mushroom icons

Galv - Ogre Group sprite

iLurota - Sprites

Cait - XXX sign

*Other Sites*

Snowmen sprites

Move Restrict Region

Modern Interior Computer Server Wall

Sci-Fi Door

Mr. Monkey - Chicken & Imp sprites

Dragon sprites

Biggest iconset EVER!

http://www.clker.com/ - Male & Female icons

Animal sprites

Leetfaction - Demon Bull sprite

Ben_Random - Robot sprites

Robot sprites

Robot Boss sprites

joy - Dr. Uranus's tileset

sanggameboy - Dead sprites

Feature Manager

Fart noise

Santa sprites

Christmas tileset

HUNTER - Fairy sprites

Purple Flame sprite

Ogre sprites

Bunny sprite

Dragon Boss sprite

Gameover images

Ace Shop Options

Font - Off The Drug

kisekae2 - Outline for Uzi's body in orginal image (Credits & Faces)

Casper Gaming - CSCA Achievements

Game Creator
Moe Wars Admin - DarkCSFixer











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I almost posted this in response to your first game but decided to let it slide. Since you have decided to continue pouring out this offensive garbage I guess its time to give you the feedback you very much need.


Your game sucks. No, I don't need to play it to know that.


Your mapping is atrociously lazy. You released a game with known bugs, instead of taking the extra time and effort to fix it. Worst of all you clearly have absolutely zero understanding of your subject matter; again, looking at what you've said about drugs over both of your game posts would be comical if it wasn't so inflammatory.


Want to make good games? Put actual effort into them - a lot of people have been working on their games for, literally, years. To make games shorter than 5-10 hours no less.

Want to write an interesting and thought-provoking story? Understand what you're talking about. First-hand experience is preferable, copious amounts of research may prove acceptable.

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@Tarq I don't see the need for being so rude ,especially if you haven't played the game. I haven't played it myself but even if it's flawed,it's still a free game .I can understand that talking about hard subjects like drug in such a silly way can bother some people . (It does seem like it wouldn't make any difference if you replace the drug addiction of the main character with some form of candy or sugar addiction which obviously wouldn't been true in real life ).But except the potential issues of positive representation of drugs , I don't find it problematic.

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@Shiggy: Actually, I do feel the need to be rude; people are not obligated to suger-coat their words, particularly towards people they are annoyed with. Whether or not I've played the game is also irrelevant, since I only criticized what the OP has put on display; now if I said the gameplay or the music was bad that would be something else entirely as I have no grounds to judge.

Furthermore, this is not a positive representation of drugs. Worse, it is a negative representation of drug users from a person who has done so little research such as to even look at the various types of drugs or their effects on the mind. Drugs are drugs to this person; cocaine might as well be lsd and marijuana might as well be heroin. I'm not suggesting that all representations of drug users have to be sympathetic, but this person hasn't done the research to understand that hallucinations are not how they are typically portrayed in the media and that they are just distortions of the senses. Again, if someone can't be bothered to do research on drugs themselves, what business do they have portraying them or their users? What business do they have insulting the intellect ('Personality: Insane, Crazy, Silly, Druggy', 'brain dead from all the drugs') of others when they have displayed so little of the trait themselves?

Edited by Tarq

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I don't think this game is meant to be taken seriously in any manner. The main character art is like some parody of K-On meets south park random trash boards posts on 4chan. 


To be honest there is lots of similar gag, crude humour games and bad games being made. 


I personally wouldn't play it cos none of the ABS systems are responsive enough for the grid mechanics of the rpg maker engine. Also some mechanics seemed to have been added with little afterthought. The yanfly shop menu for example. 

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Game Update 1.03



- Admin's room won't open if you did the clown achievement.

- Spelling errors.

- Walk through walls that contain blood.

- Spawning


You should be able to use the save from 1.01 on 1.03, just make sure you save in town or in an area without enemies before moving it to 1.03.


These problems were found by shayoko from http://rpgmaker.net/

Thanks for your help.

Edited by darkotakusouls

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My initial response was rage, because, your description does betray someone with little factual knowledge of drugs, their effects and their uses. I don't think they should be portrayed as anything other than neutral. This isn't the place for a data dump, but if any of you want to PM me, I will direct you to mountains of scientifically produced, peer-reviewed papers on exactly the subject. And just remember, Ireland decriminalized (though I think it was actually LEGALIZED) ALL forms of intoxicants, by my understanding. Are you saying Ireland is going to be "Insane, Crazy, Silly, Druggy" island? Are you aware many psychedelics were being used to treat otherwise severe mental illnesses, and they are, even now, making a comeback in the research world? Food for thought...(assuming you're not "brain dead from all the drugs". Lol, I jest. But seriously, point me to one documented case...No anecdotes!) I am trying not to be harsh, so I hope I don't come off that way. However, I am quite astounded at the ignorant portrayal of the subject matter. I find parodies more amusing when they have a solid grasp of the subject matter.


Anyways, in the interest of fairness, I will give your game a shot. (I should be working on mine...) Standby for full thoughts.



I like ABS games.

I liked that it was with a gun for a weapon instead of Bow and arrow for projectile.

I appreciated the custom faces.

I loved the 8 way movement.

So f***ing thankful that you can spell and have good grammar.



So... 20 Mins in, and  I want to declare unequivocally I am not an SJW or a WK (I am also not an intolerant douche, so lets not make assumptions :P)...but...




While I liked the custom face sets, I felt you should have used more, because they didn't go well with the RTP faces, IMO.

The story comes off as though it were written by a young kid coming from a pretty repressed background. The 'Nope' achievement was enough to make me want to quit playing, and I nearly did. Was there any reason besides shock value you included that little scene? The incest/pedophilia reference was a bit far as well. Just playing it almost makes me feel like an SJW. Was it necessary to have everybody deciding the worth of the main character based on stature and breast size? Why the focus on breast size? It came up within 15 seconds of "New Game". 

Another point of contention was the prostitution for drugs. Especially psychedelics, such as psilocybin. That's absurd and a gross misrepresentation. As well as anybody inhaling liquids through their nose. I am not an expert, but I believe such an action would result in liquid filling the lungs.

(Coming from a non-expert) I felt the maps were lacking in detail and kind of boring, they were just filled with open space and I felt you could have added detail tiles, like flowers or debris, or what have you.

I didn't like the area with 24 nearly identical houses, where all of the doors were unlocked, and every one was accompanied by the same 3 window message.

Also, right at the start, the character shows up on a world map, and then a splash screen shows up, after which the character is put into a room and then leaves to a world that looks nothing like the opening.

And I had issues with the BGM changing between indoors and outdoors for every building, it seemed to cause a little hangup/lag while it changed song.



Unsure whether pro or con:

I feel like possession of this game qualifies as an automatic crime in many countries.


Edited by philteredkhaos

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I wish I could I have done custom faces for all the characters but the RPG maker doesn't have a good selection at all.. :(


Also the drugs in this game are not realistic in there effects or anything, there future super drugs :P

I have edited the first post to include the mature content notice.

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