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Sonic Adventure DC and NGC: E Series Robot Mk.II Upgrade Mod?

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So I was looking around trawling through Deviant Art and Google and stumbled upon this:




It is E-103 Upgraded to the MkII Frame usually seen in Game only on E-101 Beta.


This Picture really interests me!


I'm not sure if it is just a reskinned E-101 in the usual Normal Boss Fight with Beta on the Egg Carrier or if the MkII Frame has been swapped with E-103's Standard Body Frame for the Battle with E-103 in it's usual location?


Does anyone know anything about this E Series MkII Upgraded Opponents Mod?


I'm also curious if a Mod exists that can give E-102 Gamma the MkII Upgrade?


I would love a Playthrough as a Red MkII Gamma! :)

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