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Official Mac & Blue resources? [RM2K3]

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Hello! :3


I found a game made with "Mac & Blue"'s resources, but I actually don't know who is Mac & Blue and how to get their resources; The graphics looks very interesting, so I've just wondering if anyone can link me to the original resources? =)


It's for RPG Maker 2003, just to let you know~


The game is Ara Fell by BadLuck from RMN; it looks like this.



Thank you in advance. =)

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This website has a pack that is appearently mostly rips from mac and blue:





I found the faceset in that screenshot, but recolored in a pack on this website if you care. It's only a couple boxes down:





I'll look more and see what I can find. (If I can find anything else) :)


The original website these were hosted on was taken down or closed or something...

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