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Rock Paper Scissors EX

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Plugin for RPG Maker MV – Rock Paper Scissors EX


Author: Soulpour777


Plugin Description:


This plugin allows you to make a custom mini game of Rock Paper and Scissors in your game.


Plugin Instructions:


Make sure that you placed all the images on the right folder. All plugin commands are stated in the Plugin’s Help File.


To start an rps game, you have to set up everything for the custom scene. There are already values by default, but the actor and enemy graphics depends on the ones you indicate.




The scores are tied in a variable, so all you need to do is check if your score is greater than the enemy’s:






Q: I have no background and still frame shown in my mini game. What happened?


A: You must set it in the stage you want to change. By default, it uses the stock backgrounds I provided or those that you provided from the Plugin Manager.


Q: How does the Slide Animation really work for my portraits? I tried turning it off. I set my values to a reasonable

number but they are not showing.


A: The slide animation is a way to give a bit of an effect for the actors. If you are not using the slide animation,

what you need to understand is that the portraits stay on the top of the Still Frame. So if you set the

x and y of the Portrait, make sure they are on the x and y location visible from the Still Frame’s top.

If you are using the Slide Animation, make sure that you set the x and y to the outside offset of the screen,

so when the game starts, it slides them until it reaches the range you indicated from the Plugin Manager.


Actor Portrait goes from Left Offset to Right Offset

while Enemy Portraits goes from Right Offset to Left Offset.


Q: How can I make more than 1 match in the mini game?


Use the plugin command set rps turns. For example, you want to have 10 matches. In a plugin command,



set rps turns 10


This means that the match will end its judgement after 10 match turns. If you cancel during

the match and it has not yet finished, you get to choose to forfeit or continue.








DOWNLOAD at Soul x Regalia.

Edited by Soulpour777

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