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Crescent's MV Resources

Looking for custom graphics? Visit my commission shop.

Hello! I'm Crescent! Here are some tiles for you. (・∀・)

Terms of Usage:
Note: Please let me know if your project is commercial. This doesn't affect anything but I'd like to have a free copy of full version or demo of your game once it's released. =^∇^*=
• Please credit me as "Crescent" for non-commercial projects and "Dure Maknun aka Crescent" for commercial projects.
• You can't alter/recolor my work without asking for my permission.
• You can't sell my work/claim my work as your own.
Please make sure you credit them all!
-Crescent (Non-commercial) Dure Maknun aka Crescent (Commercial projects)
-And anyone I mention on the post.

Contact: If you'd like to contact me, you can do so through PM or email me (duremaknun916@gmail.com) so I can answer your questions or anything!


Commissioned Tiles:
These are made for RyenSaotome's project. (+18 Warning!Renryuu: Ascension - Development blog.
Thanks to him ~ he paid me to make these resources for his project and gave me the idea of releasing these tiles to public. :3

FTDQFxp.png g96lh1F.png

Edited Tiles:
These are some edited tiles, also made for RyenSaotome's project.
Note: Credit Indrah for the doors.




That's it for the moment, thanks for visiting! ï¼¼(=^‥^)/’`

Edited by Crescent

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