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In RPG Maker, you have a “partyâ€. A party consists of a group of actors, an inventory of items, weapons, armors, and gold, and potentially some other information related to this group.

By default, you only have one party, which is what the player will control throughout the game.

This plugin provides functionality for working with additional parties.

1. You can create new parties. Separate parties can be used to represent different characters in your game. Each character may have their own set of followers and inventories as the story progresses.

2. You can switch between parties. If your story switches from one character to another and you would like to keep their location, characters, inventories, and other party-related information, you can simply switch to a new party instead. You could even switch between parties in real-time on the same map to build additional mechanics related to multiple party control.

3. You can merge parties. By merging parties, you can have different parties come together as one large party. All of the members, inventories, and other information will be merged together.

These are the three basic functions that you can use to design your game using the Party Manager. Additional functionally will be provided over-time as they are developed.

More information and downloads available at HimeWorks

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Plugin updated to v1.5


- bug fix where reloading the game and switching parties for the first time causes the party to move back to its original position when loaded

- added new script calls for trading items and gold between parties


A new video tutorial is also available from Echo if you haven't seen it yet:



Driftwood Gaming has also created a tutorial:


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Party manager is now up to version 1.11 and comes with a number of new features.



You can set a limit on how many party members you can have in a party, so that attempts to add new members will simply do nothing.

You can also check whether the party is full or not, to help you with your eventing.


The party manager also provides functionality for "locking" actors to the party they're in, which can be used in conjunction with the Party Switching Scene to create a party system where certain members are locked, while other members can be freely switched at anytime.





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