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Meep's MV RTP Edits/Recolors

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I shall house my edits and recolors of MV resources in this here thread. :D


No custom requests right now, sorry. (Spites, tiles, generator parts, etc.)



Terms of Use: These are RTP edits, so they are free to use in commercial and noncommercial projects as long as you own a legitimate copy of RPG Maker MV. Same as Enterbrain's terms.


- You MAY NOT redistribute these resources. They are for RPG Maker forums only. You CAN however, link back to this topic.

- You CAN edit the resources I have converted. (For now it's just the windows) Be sure to link back to this topic if you do.



Credit: Enterbrain, not myself.



IMPORTANT NOTE: If you can't get them to work, most these sprites need an '!' before its name.









ASnucKW.png   njXFueK.png


P4ZxBf0.png   JqD3Cxm.png


A character generator generated dude.

I made the original spiky hair more fabulous~  :lol:

...and recolored his armor.


*Fixed the second blond sprites hair. Part of a spike was cut off.

...And added brown-haired version.


Put a '$' before all else in it's name, not an exclamation.




Sleeping Sprites:





Edited damage sprites to go with my edited beds for sleeping under their blankets.

Some monsters left out, like the glob of goo with makes no sense to use here. lol


I edited the nature sprite's hair (bottom corner) to fall in front of her face instead of above her head.








Are you out of room in your tilesets and have no windows? :o

Can't manage your space proper- I mean...! I gotcha covered! ;)


The second exterior sprite look kinda ugly, but it works.

I'm lazy and just edited from the first one without changing the size. :P


No change to the positioning of the windows.




Exterior Window Recolors:









Interior Window Recolors:






Remember these are sprites and will need a '$' before their name.

The first couple sheets can be used with a night and day script. I like to do this to close the curtains at night.



Door Recolors Part 1:





This is part one of my door recolors. Enjoy! :D


If you notice any mistakes, let me know.




Door Recolors Part 2:


















This is part two of my door recolors. Yay! :D


If you notice any mistakes, let me know.


If you'd like a part 3 for the rest of the door sprites like the spirally things, let me know.

Currently, I'm not planning to.



Chest Recolors:
























Yay for chest variety! :D


Let me know if you see any mistakes.


I may do more in the future because some colors look odd with the gold around them. (black, white, and grey)

In my opinion at least. :P


EDIT: Fixed an improperly highlighted chest (last gold-trimmed sheet)




Crystal Recolors:




Regular Versions







So shiny...



Mini Versions












Flame Recolors:








I fixed the em'! I noticed I cut off the shadows in the second flames and had to re-upload.

If you see anything else, please let me know.




Switch Recolors:














Vehicle Recolors:








Tent Recolors:











They look pixely in the editor, but when actually used they don't.

This is an issue with the original as well, so don't nag me! :lol:




Bed Recolors:




Yl1bT17.png.7a0e35caf06c527b4a0400640827d725.png   Yl1bT17_2.png.393bfcd501fb980010ef0e885e3439e7.png





^These one's already work with my edited sleeping sprites. I hadn't noticed that they line up perfectly with the blankets I pulled down. Not on purpose but awesome. Saves me time. :lol:


Beds galore! :D












Beds To Go Along With My Edited Sleeping Sprites:








Roof Recolors:






Some not-so-fancy roof recolors. :P










I recolored some of the carpets and tables on this titleset. It's nothing much, but :P






What that's it?: Yes, unfortunately for now. More tiles coming soon.

















Edited by Meep007

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Tent and crystal recolors! Hooray!


There are two versions for the tents because I don't like the original floor color with some of them.




PS: I'm going to do more crystal recolors. They're so shiny...

I tried recoloring the multicolored one and messed up...a lot, so I probably won't do those.

But I'll still try again, because it's beautiful. :lol:


*Throws old edits away*







Came out a lot better than I thought it would. Still needs some editing, but WOO! :D


This is not currently usable, I just cropped it out of the full sheet without paying attention to dimensions.

The full sheet will have the same amount as the solid colors.



Edited by Meep007

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Depends, I'm not currently doing any custom resources. I don't really have the interest right now, but maybe one day. I also won't have much time on my hands because I'm starting home schooling soon and it might drive me nuts. I feel a lot more comfortable doing recolors, and it's less time consuming.

If you want everything in a specific shade of green then I'm your muffin! :lol: Or any tiles converted to sprites, like the windows.


Anyway, I'm almost done with the crystals. They're pretty much done, but I have to check them over for any mistakes and I'm also shrinking them. (mini versions)

You can decide which you like best. I just hate that they tower so much over the characters. I guess it just depends on how you use them, and your opinion, if you like them. :lol:


Give me like two hours and they should be up. :)



EDIT: The crystals are out and looking so gosh dang shiny! :D




Now I shall do flames. But first, a couple days of break!

Edited by Meep007

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The flames are now released and some switch recolors as an extra. I'll do more switches another time.


Hope you enjoy them and I'd appreciate some feedback. If you spot any mistakes, let me know. I could be blind...



Enjoy! :)


EDIT: I repaired the second sheet of flames and re-uploaded.

Edited by Meep007

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Some more switches were released.  :)


PS: Added some window recolors~ The flowers I mean.

I recolored the sprite sheet I converted, so Its in the sprite section not tiles.

I won't make them tiles, which is less convenient anyway. This way you don't waste a tab.


Enjoy :D


Also, I'm planning on recoloring the stained glass windows, which shouldn't take me that long.

Then the inside windows.







Ooh shiny~

They'll be two of each, so they'll have the grey frame as well. But look at the shiny gold! :lol:



Edited by Meep007

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*Slowly slides in a bill* Riki sent this for your good work.


"You owe us a debt for your creativity, because you forgot today's fruit punch!"


Anyway, good job and I can't wait to see the window of opportunity there. :D

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Okay, I finished em'. :)


I won't do the interiors until a few days pass because I have other things I'd like to work on.


But for now, enjoy~


PS: They should align perfectly with the original windows. If you notice any mistakes let me know.

Edited by Meep007

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So while I was away on vacation I was unable to access the internet, but I did have my computer with me and I recolored a bunch of windows when I was bored and/or whenever I had a chance. And instead of releasing them all at once, I will release one a day because I am evil. >:3


There is almost two weeks worth, but not quite. I will not say the exact amount. You'll have to suffer the anticipation. Muhahahaha~


*These will need a '$' before their name. Not an exclamation. I had the wrong symbol there, sorry. :unsure:

*Also the event goes where the bottom part of the window would be if it were a tileset.


Day 1



Day 2





Fixed version. The alignment was screwy. :[




Day 3







Day 4







Day 5





*Fixed. One of the transparent pixels where still purple on every window. Not noticeable until put against a solid background.




Day 6







Day 7







Day 8







Day 9




Some damaged windows to go with Day 1.




Day 10




More damaged to go with Day 2.




Day 11 (Final)
























These don't need any symbols in their names.




They'll all eventually be added up top as well.


Enjoy~ :3

Edited by Meep007

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Since I haven't touched RPG Maker in a while I decided to finally do something.


Here are some simple patterns for the bed recolors I made to add some variety to them, enjoy. :)


 59ec248891dff_BedRecolors_007_6.png.bd2794aea29c08ab2eeadfbc8c0e8c18.png       59ec2486df972_BedRecolors_007_4.png.b16b1d0890868b89052bda666b107c07.png


59ec248a073db_BedRecolors_007_5.png.ea0af40eaf3001c1f48dcddb061e4429.png  59ec24855ddf2_BedRecolors_007_3.png.83b8d1e0562d7420e5ff5fb3ac8c6bb0.png




And an example of upcoming work:




Going to convert all my beds to be used with edited damage sprites. Sprites will be separate to allow for mixing and matching :)

Should work with any damage sprite that is like RTP, you just gotta chop off their legs. :o


Edited by Meep007

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Here is what I was able to accomplish so far, feel free to use them now or wait for completion:



Only one full set a edited beds so far



the edited sprites so far


And another example of how they look in-game:




A lot of them match which is a coincidence but cool. I think it look nice. :)


Not all the sprites are here and not nearly all my beds. I'm going to edit the patterns as well but not today. Can barely keep my eyes open to do any more zZzz...

Edited by Meep007

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Even recolours can change up your game.

Nice work Meep~ I like the saturation your using. It looks alot nicer than super bright sticky-outty colours.


Would it be possible to ask for something similar to your single beds patterns, but with double beds?

The striped ones have always... bothered me, and having some textures to them would be lovely~


As always, I'm gonna stalk, *ahem* keep an eye on this topic~

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EDIT: Just noting that almost all my interior window sprites were missing off here (10 of them), not sure what happened. Re-uploaded them. Feel free to use them like I do. I use a night and day script so I made an event to close them at night. Adds some "life" to people's homes. Just a suggestion. Or if you can't add anymore tiles, you can use these if you left out windows. Might save you a page.  :)


EDIT 2: And my vehicles? I'm thinking I probably just forgot to put them up top lol


Thank you both :D


@Takeo212  Yes the bigger beds sometimes bother me as well. The colors of the stripes kind of make them look like satin. I don't hate it but they could use the variety.


Since I just finished the smaller beds I may be able to work on the bigger ones. I was actually have some trouble thinking about what my next project should be. :lol:


I have off of work today but it's gettting late so not sure how much I can accomplish today and I have work tomorrow (and I might crash after lol) so it may take up to a few days or over a week. Will up update you all on that sometime soon.


I could also make those beds usable with my edited sprites for married couples lol :wub:


Anyway here are the finished beds edited and the sprites for comfy rest under their blankets zzZz

They will be added up top as well.








Not sure if I will edit the rest of the small beds, maybe after I finish the big ones.


Edited by Meep007

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Great work, as always, Meep! Been quite a while since I've seen you around, eh?

I'm with Takeo on how the colors don't blind you, but meld into your sight softly, unlike some things MV has. My curiosity is thriving to know what's the next things you're editing.

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@Rezanta Hey, yeah it's been a while :D


Been busy with life and...it's still busy lol but since I'm out of school now I have more time and I only work part time for now. I hadn't touched any RPG Maker in all that time believe it or not and I missed it, wanted to see what new things have been made in all that time. :)


I'm also curious what next I'll be editing lol :lol:

I usually finish a project and then think of something else afterword. Don't usually plan ahead, just go with the flow ~


EDIT: I also wanted to note that I didn't even notice that the other small beds already work with my edited sprites. They actually line up perfectly. Wasn't on purpose but saves time. I also hadn't planned on editing those ones lol now I have no need to.

Capture.PNG.7c3c1afbbb426ba1c9ae98289f5a6d38.PNG <-------Those ones (grab full sheet up top)


So feel free to use them as well. :)


Edit 2: Here is what I accomplished tonight.




The stripes are gone. Need them gone before I can do patterns. Edited my original black bed a little to make the blanket fold less shiny looking too. Will start editing patterns in tomorrow after work (maybe) or the day after if I'm too tired. This might go quicker then I originally thought, no promises.. Only took a few hours. But now it's 1am :mellow:


And example of the new pattern I made:


I attempted to make a flower. I think it looks okay? lol Will add the old patterns as well and maybe new ones if I feel creative.

Edited by Meep007

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No hurries Meep, was just a suggestion ;P

The "sleeping" sprites was pretty creative actually. I always used the face-down walking sprite but the damage sprites look much better.


I checked your stuff yesterday and everything was fine, so the image fault was a recent thing o.o glad you caught it~

The flower pattern looks subtle and nice. So much better with the stripes gone too xD

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Finished the flower pattern, I'll get to the rest when I am able.


This update is mostly to mention that the sleeping sprites had a mistake (princesses hair cut off a little) and it was fixed and re-uploaded. Be sure to replace that if you were using it. Anyway, here is the beds.




Enjoy :)

Edited by Meep007

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Got busy with life but managed to find some time to finish one sheet of those couple beds!





So adorable <3 lol


Adds some life to your taverns and houses.



The Actual Beds:





For use with those sprites I edited.



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