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Hello, just getting started

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Well, I just got VX Ace about a week ago, and figured out how to do most of the basics.


I really don't have any current plans for anything specific yet as I have limited time to sit down with the computer.

I tend to use my phone for most things as I don't have home internet yet, but hopping that will change soon.


mostly interested in the versatility of the different game creation programs as I also have Game Maker Studio, which has a great sprite editor and more open to different game types. I'm not that good with the programming side or art yet, but that is due to limited time learning the program and actually creating anything in it.


I've always liked the 2D sprite driven games do to it having focus more on story content that anything else.


Hoping to get some time to actually have fun making games with this, since I plan to be making games as a hobby only.


I don't see a reason to sell my games, so anything I publish to any community will be free.

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Thank you all for the welcome.


Been working with just the free version, and actually starting to enjoy seeing what I can do with the built in limits.


Unfortunately, creating custom characters with the built in Character generator feels very limiting to me. I have been trying to look through the resources to better fill out the generator, but the structure of the site seems to be fighting me. So that leaves me with a few questions about how to use the site itself.


1. Do I need to be searching for specific groups for the parts?


2. What's the best way to find pieces for the generator?


3. Would there be additional pieces made available when I eventually purchase a license?


4. Is there a place I am missing that holds free to use parts that others have made?


While the limits of the rest of the free version are actually making me think about the importance of every thing I include in the game, the limitation on character development seems to be counter productive to visualizing possible characters (Either Actors or Battlers) for use in the game.

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