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FP Equip Restrictions

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FP Equip Restrictions

Author: Tsukihime

Type: Feature Plus add-on




This script adds restrictions to your equips.



  • Limit the number of an equip you can equip at once
  • Seal other equips when you have an equip on
  • Properly disables items that you can't equip when requirements have not been met
  • Applies to all equips, such as when you're using Fomar's individual equips (see note 1)


More to come




The general syntax for this feature plus system is


<fp:er _option_: values>


Where the options are defined at the top of the script.


So for example if you wanted to put a limit on how many of armor 65 you can equip at once to 1, then you would go to armor 65 in the database and in the notebox write


<fp:er limit: 1>


You can seal equips by specifying whether it's an armor or weapon, and then specifying the equip ID


<fp:er wseal: 3>
<fp:er aseal: 23>




Pictures tell their story. Can you guess what kinds of restrictions I have for my equips?






Script: http://db.tt/OpLmrNdD




Please test and respond


Known bugs:


-Equip optimization doesn't work properly.

-Equips aren't automatically removed when another equip seals them




Note 1: You will need to add the following code to fomar's individual equip. Just put it after "initialize" at line 45 or something.


def class
 return nil if is_nil?
 return object.class


Note 2: For multiple equips, you can use FP Equip slots


Note 3: This is the first of a series of Feature Plus scripts I will be writing.

They will all use the general syntax


<fp: _name_ ...>


Where _name_ is usually an acronym of the script name (like ER = equip restriction)

If you don't like this maybe you can suggest another scheme?

Edited by Tsukihime

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