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MOG | Sideview Battle System: Improving Sprites and Animations

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Hello everybody!


I've run into a thing, that I can't solve myself. I don't even know how to ask for this, because I'm not sure how scripting that looks like and what would be better. The thing is, that it's pretty complex stuff and I have no idea what would be better.


First things first, the side-view battle system I'm using is the Sprite Actor Script (along with other battle scripts).


It itself is nice, but I would like to slightly improve this to be able to use bigger sprites to make it look better. (not tiny characters fighting with huge bricks)


So at the beginning as a reference, there's a picture of how it looks by default:






Actors use their normal 32x32 sprites, where the enemies are just pictures like the default RM battle system have.


Now what I'd like to change are the actors and use sprites of this size:







The thing is, that I still want to use the small ones on the map screen; The bigger ones only in battle.

(I'd love to use bigger ones on map, but I'd have to have fun with pixel movement stuff and it would take years to make sprites for everypony, so I'll stick to the smaller ones and as it's not that bad)


So that's the thing: Use different sprite sheet for map and battle.



Now that's where stuff is getting complex. I was working on the sprite sheets for many many hours and I managed to get this:




:excl:DISCLAIMER: I've not made them, I've edited and added more sprites to available ones.




I'd love to use them, but I have no idea how to explain that, but I'll try my best.


By default, when a character uses a skill then:

DEFAULT ATTACK: Jumps to enemy, swings a sword + skill animation, jumps back.

how it looks:







SOME SKILL: Takes few steps forward, raises a sword + skill animation, few steps back.


I'd like to make it compatible with the bigger sheet, so there is need to make some changes.


First, I'd like to remove sword (when doing action), tilt (when jumping, dying etc.) and other unecessary shake effects and instead of that just simply use sprites.



1st Row: Walking

Nothing special. When the character takes few steps forward then this row is played. After the action is taken, he character takes few steps back by moving backwards.

So when moving forward: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 etc. until gets to the position

then moving backwards: no flipping - just 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 etc.


2nd Row: Idle

The very basic animation. No need to explain I think.


3rd Row: Jump

When the character is jumping to an enemy, then that row is played once. 1st when starting jumping then 2nd ~ 3rd somewhere in the middle of the jump, then 4 at the end -> and takes action.

When jumping back: the same procedure except the sprite needs to be flipped.

I'll post a gif at the end to show it more or less.


4th Row: Attack

This actually can be skipped, because I can implement that via Animation in the database, where the character would jump to an enemy and then hide user + put 'fake' character from animation, so it's not needed.


5th Row: Magic Skill

This also can be skipped I think. I'll hide the user and replace it with the animation.

So basically no matter if using a skill/magic or attack - put an idle animation, which I'll be replacing with proper sprite via animation in the database. I'll explain this at the end.


6th Row: Item

Same as above ~ to make less work ~ I'll explain at the end.


7th Row: Hit

When the character is hit, then it plays that row, then turns to idle animation. (these 4 sprites will be enough)


8th Row: Low HP:

When the character's HP is below 30%, this row replaces the 'Idle' row.

It basically works exactly like normal 'idle' ~ loops from 1 to 6 as long as the character has low HP.


9th Row: 0HP

When the character is 'killed' then this row replaces the 'Idle' / 'Low HP' row as long as the character has 0 HP.


I'm not sure what would be better from scripting point of view, but if possible, then it would be better if when the character would receive the fatal blow, then the 'hit' animation would be skipped, and instead of that the 'Defeated' row would play like this:

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 3, 4, 5, 6, 3, 4, 5, 6, 3, 4, 5, 6, 3, 4...


      '- Dying (I'll add animation by replacing the first two)            

~ the rest ~ loops the 'down' animation.




Regarding 4th, 5th and 6th rows ~ I'll hide the user and put it via animation in database.

How it should work?

When using a skill: takes few steps forward, IDLE animation as long as the skill animation lasts ~ few steps back

When attacking: Jumps to enemy, IDLE animation as long as the skill animation is playing ~ jumps back

When using an item: Same as when using a skill.


I've made a simple gif showing, how I plan to implement the default attack.






In the gif there's a kinda not real speed ~ please kindly use you best judgement when implementing that. =3

Note that instead of kicking animation, just put the 'Idle' one. I'll replace it by hiding the user during the animation from database. (I hope it will work lol)


So... I think this sheet should be enough.







Of course everything can be made in a different way if you think that would be better.

I have no idea how to script that, because I'm terrible at working with the RM's scenes, especially with somebody else's script modifying the RM's scene, so I'm helpless there and I don't know many things, so do what you think would be best.

I've tried my best to visualize and explain it, but I'm not a pro scripter to be able to even explain this right. ~ If there's something unclear, then feel free to ask.



And... that's my IMPOSSIBRU request.


They said, that it's always worth to try, then here it goes. =P


That's the biggest problem with scripting I have to deal with in this project, so I think I can't come up with even worse request. I was afraid of this for a long time and I was heavily wondering what could be done. I've spend many days struggling with my mind and to this day I sincerely have no idea how to make it look right.

I feel bad for throwing such a wall of text and problems at anybody, but I just can't find a solution by myself. =/


Sadly I can't offer money or anything, because RL doesn't like me, but if I may help with something else, then I'd try my best.


I can send a demo if needed.


Any suggestions / help is heavily appreciated.

Thank you so much for reading... (=


Ah...I'm tired of even thinking about this... I don't know what to do anymore, making RPG's is not for me apparently. =P

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 A demo would help, I will try to start looking and thinking about it but I probably won't start before the end of Indie in a week

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I would be really grateful, even just for trying.

And don't worry about it, take your time.

I'll be working on something else in the meantime.


I'll send you the demo via PM if you don't mind. ~ the game is too messy at the moment to put into public. ^^

I've removed unnecessary scripts, maps and menus and left only one map and stuff for the battle system to reduce the filesize.

To get to battle, talk to pony in the middle. You can even talk to Eric or inspect some stuff around if you want to. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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If your battle script uses the character's actor graphic, couldn't you set a common event or a small script that changes the actor's graphic when entering and exiting battles? That way, the normal small sprite would be used for walking around, while the larger charset could be used for battles. 

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If your battle script uses the character's actor graphic, couldn't you set a common event or a small script that changes the actor's graphic when entering and exiting battles? That way, the normal small sprite would be used for walking around, while the larger charset could be used for battles. 

That's a good point, however the bigger character sheet has a different format.

For example to not search far, the default small one has 3 sprites in one animation (walking up/down/right/left etc.)

Where there I'm having up to 6 sprites in one row, not mentioning the totally different placement.

It will require some additional work to make it look correctly, not just replacing.

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I think I haven't tried that one ~ I admit I've tried using few other battle scripts months ago, but they were incompatible, so that's why I'm assuming, that the best solution would be sticking to scripts from one source.

I can't seem to find that script ~ Google throws me only battlers/templates and other battle scripts~

If you know some good side-views, then I'd be grateful if you could link them ~ At least I can give them a try and see how it goes.


I saw, that some scripts are making even enemies animated ~ I'm not hiding that simple animations for enemies would also be nice. =P


To be honest I'm not oriented well in the battle stuff (It's a first RPG I'm creating and this genre is really difficult to make apparently =P) ~ so I appreciate any suggestions.

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I think the common one for this stuff is Galv's Animated Battlers. Not sure if you've tried it though.

If I mind right, you can set amount of frames in the animations to match your spritesheets.

I also think it works for enemies, but I'm not sure how that would be implemented. You may need another script for that, but yep.



Hope it's compatible though~

If not, then you can maybe even get someone to try fix it to be compatible instead of making an entirely new script?

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I've took a look on the demo and I have to admit, that's a really great script.

It's nicely detailed and customizable, so I gave it a try, but sadly - as I expected - it's incompatible. =/


The battle gets stuck when I'm trying to make an attack, not mentioning missing some parts of HUD like arrows/HP & ATB bars on enemies.





I sincerely have no idea how to even approach this ~ I really don't know which way would be better~ either improving the MOG's one or making the Galv's compatible or even merging them together ~ I wish I could say "I want this and this", but I can't because I simply don't know what would be better/more effective/easier. All I can say now to scripters is 'Use your best judgement, because you definitely know more than me'.

I won't mind if the result will be different than in my examples, because when I was preparing this thread and resources, I could only assuming, that this will work and be good.

As long as it will work and look acceptable, then I'll be happy. =3


I know it sounds like 'Hello! I want a side view battle system, please make me one! D:", but I really can't do more than that even if I wanted. =P


This is the only thing, where I'm totally stuck and unsure of everything.

All I can do, is to hope, that an experienced scripter will guide me through this...



But thank you Takeo for suggesting, perhaps more experienced scripters will know more about this.


I'm not sure if I'll get through this, but eventually I can always try to come up with some workarounds...

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