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In RPG Maker, actors can receive exp by defeating enemies in battle. When all enemies are defeated, the victory processing will occur, and actors will receive exp from the battle.

However, this means that if you were to escape before the battle was over, your actors would not receive any exp even if they defeated some enemies.

This plugin changes the way exp is obtained. Instead of only on battle end, exp is received whenever you perform an action.

For example, if an actor attacks an enemy, exp calculation will occur and if the actor earns exp from that attack, the actor will receive that exp
immediately, and potentially level up on the spot.

Action exp can also be obtained outside of battle, depending on the rules you have set up for your exp calculations.

With this plugin, actors will be rewarded immediately for their actions, which provides you with some additional mechanics that you can use.

More information and downloads are available at HimeWorks
Free for commercial and non-commercial use

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