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Jeanne d'Ys

graphics Icon and/or Sideview Weapon Request: Awl/Icebreaker

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So yeah, I have a request.


In my newest project, one of my character got caught in a situation where he must fight without any weapon in his hand. And then, his senpai, who is known as a badass user of improbable weapons come in and throw an awl/ice breaker to him, while she fought with her trusted gas pipe.


While MV already has the pipe icon and weapon, there's no awl. That's why I'm requesting this XD


It's the usual awl/ice breaker, with wooden handle and metal point. It is used as a stabbing weapon, so it should be on the thrusting motion. It shouldn't be too large, probably a little bit longer than the default dagger.


I'm mostly looking for the sideview weapon, although an MV-styled Icon would allso be nice XD


As for appearance, it kinda looks like the screenie below, but with a wooden handle and more "mundane" look.







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