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Jeanne d'Ys

RMMV Icons are Underrated: Default MV Icons Recolored (Pilot Episode?)

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So yeah, Maki here!
And today I'm going to share something with ya!
Well... I don't actually made this, they're just the recolors of the default MV Icons.
To be honest, I like the MV icons a bit more than Ace's, since they have these "basic, uniform, generic" look. Also, borders!
So I think they're pretty underrated since I've seen quite some peeps expressing distaste or dislike of the icons XD
In some of my projects, I'd like to make categorized items, so the mv-style icons are pretty much some big help.
And you can use that help too, if you're doing similar thing!
As of now, there are only the "Commodity" icons, such as food and ingredients. I made 20 color variants of all 25 in the default iconset.
Pick which colors that suit your need!
If this garners enough support (and/or I got the determination to do so), I'll continue into the other icon categories.
As of this writing, I'm working on Weapons and certain Armors because my current projects need them, so I can (almost) guarantee a second wave XD
Some of the icons (Preview, for actual working sheet download the archive from the provided link):
Usage Screenie:


Term of Use:
1. This is an RTP edit, so no credits required to me, just credit Enterbrain/Kadokawa.
2. Free to use in RM Engines for commercial and non-commercial projects as long as you own RPG Maker MV.
3. Refer to regular RMMV ToS.
You can get them here:

Well, I guess that's for now!
I hope these... Bunch of colored squares are helpful to you all~

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Wow, those are snazzy! I haven't had the chance to be exposed to MV graphics. STOP MAKING ME WANT TO BUY MV.

Yeah, I think these type of icons are nice, too...

They're neat! XD


This could help so much in some more modern-set or Sci-Fi/Military RPGs where the atmosphere is usually more plain or formal.



6~8 month from now, MV's price should be lowering. Also, you can wait for Steam Sale if you want the Steam ver XD (I use regular version, though)

It doesn't have /really/ significant change over Ace, but the new stuff are great, and some "legendary" script makers are spamming plugin stuff like crazy recently, including names like Yanfly, Tsukihime and Moghunter so it becomes pretty crowded in here XD

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