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So, uhm... I need a ball pit. Like, the kind you'd find in a pizzeria place. I kind of need it to be either big or be, basically, a tileset that I could use with the walls, the balls and the net over it. Slide is completely optional. I'd make it, myself, but I'm only good at sprites, busts (maybe) and recolours of things.


I'm not too picky about anything, really. Just, y'know, your basic ball pit. :) You WILL be credited.


Thank you in advance!


(These are the best pictures I could find... Sorry about that...)

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Well, I can give it a try. :)

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Well, I can give it a try. :)

Hows this? :P I tried to give it an VX Ace look. Hope this helps... (This is for Misc. Tiles A-E)




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Here, I forgot some shading.... :P

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