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*ArcademachineAnnouncervoice* "Neeew Record!"






Yeah, the lags a problem. I think most of the emotional feedback, for want of a manlier phrase, that a player is going to receive is from watching and hearing the blocks pop and you're only getting the latter half of that at the moment.


The timer at the bottom seems a little counterintuitive to me. It seems like the best way to increase your odds of a big reaction is to survive onscreen for a while, which is its own threat already, and adding a timer to that just seems to encourage the player to do the opposite.


I like what Thaletos said earlier and would like to make the suggestion that arcade levels be choreographed, so there would be optimal times to explode and a negative outcome to missing a good opportunity. Right now my scores feel kind of random, like I didn't have much to do with them. There's room in the world for games of chance but I dig games of skill more.


Anyways, you're probly busy with your other projects atm, just thought I'd give you some feedback. Keep up the good work!

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Actually I think what I could do to improve the performance. Not sure if that would help much, but it should at least make a tiny difference.


I get what you mean and I agree. That's because the level lacks of features I was going to implement, due to kinda having no time to work on. That's true, that currently the timer doesn't really make sense and everything is more based on luck. What I planned to do is to add items, that would give some extra time or hasten the spawn rate, thus difficulty at the same time. ~ These items would be spawning during certain conditions, so paying attention and catching the moment would be one of the keys to get more score. Besides that, I planned to add a boss at the end, where hitting him with longer chain would deal more damage. ~ That would be the base mechanics I think ~ there would be still lots of place to create levels with other mechanics etc..


Yeah ~ That's true I'm busy with other projects, hence no updates in this one. Having many projects feels really bad, because whenever someone is commenting on games, that I'm currently not working on then I feel really weird ...

Anyway, thank you very much!



Why, thank you! =3

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Since the game is playable and doesn't involve any story, nor I don't plan to work further on that game, I'll consider it as a somewhat-completed minigame, rather than a game in progress. I'll leave it as it is. Therefore, I have restored this thread from archives - unlocked and moved to completed games.

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