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Life of Goobie

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Abstract: “Life of Goobie†is a short and simple game that just explores the basic features of RPG Maker with a short story atmosphere. You play as Goobie, a goblin, and a chapter of his life. It is my first game, so may not be the most extravagant kind of game. 

Genre: Technically, fantasy. Adventure, maybe.

Average Game Time: Easily completed within an hour’s time, maybe a little over.



Story / Setting / Purpose:

You play as Goobie, a goblin who is living in a small village as a captive of these warriors from a nearby village. They’re holding you and your kind in a fenced in town called Swampy Hollows, where you live and work the lands every day. Each year, the warriors come and collect a goblin to hunt through the island. This year is Goobie.

You’re given a short time to get ready and explore your home before you must go. From there, you continue to run from the warriors while continuously finding out small hints about past hunts and how to maybe end them. You come into contact with warriors wandering around each area and small challenges in each.


Character Bios:

Goobie is the main character. From there, you have his missing girlfriend who is presumed dead, his neighbors who are more goblins, and all to eventually meet with the King.



I’m using the Time Fantasy resource pack throughout the game. Created by Jason Perry. I use a few scripts from Yanfly Pacman, NerdiGaming and V.M. (Vlue). Some of said scripts would be the Battle Hud, Enemy HP bars, and the Title Screen script. I do have a credit area at the end of the game. Also used music from various packs, like Fantasy Adventure, Retro Sci-fi, Adventurer’s Journey.



(Swampy Hollows) http://tinypic.com/m/j93uv5/1

(Desert) http://tinypic.com/m/j93uv6/1

(Menu) http://tinypic.com/m/j93uv7/1



Only special mechanic or feature in the game is finding the Secret Shop, a NPC that is actually making a profit from the goblin-crafted coins, Gobloons.



(Website. You can check out any information beforehand, as well as downloading it from the page.) http://goobiethegoblin.wix.com/lifeofgoobie

(Without website) https://www.dropbox.com/s/g135rz5dtshoqml/Life%20of%20Goobie.exe?dl=0


Known Issues:

Had a beta tester who played through it and myself who tested it. But as of now, there are no known bugs. If there is, e-mailing me if the easiest way to let me know.

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Congratulations on finishing your game! I had a go at it, it was pretty charming if perhaps a little too grindy. The ending was puzzling though. I mean I can only quote Goobbie....what? You also made a good use of the Time Fantasy tiles and I liked your music choices....except the rtp default battle theme for all battles even the final boss. (What's up with that? You could at least have used a different rtp battle theme for it)

I took some not-so-exhaustive notes during my playthrough, at least I'm pretty sure I saw a than instead of then somewhere in the early game I didn't take note of.




- A few early chests say "was found" even when they contained multiple items (several gobloons)
- I have 1 gobloon as a key item, I don't know where I got it from.

- Very nitpicky: The exit cave door that lead to the secluded area in the warrior city's has retain direction set when you use the transfer event, so you'll appear facing the door when going through them (both in and out if I recall correctly).

- What's with the ground patch with magic on it? I wasn't able to do anything with it...

- The second gem cluster in the second room in the cave can be interacted with and gives you an unnamed item.
- What does the grey goblin you fight in the cave give you? I don't think I got anything.
- The gemstone axe description uses then instead of than twice.
- You can't return to the second room of the cave from the third one (I wanted to return and buy more stuff!)
- You can get infinite apples from the nightblade creator goblin(I shamelessly abused this)
- I had the rest skill miss me once....shouldn't it be certain hit?
- The containers inside gemston castle contain an infinite amount of apples and safety kits.
- The exit door of the throne room also has retain direction on the transfer event. So when I had the end game cutscene with the scientist, I was facing right.



Good game man, I hope you continue doing more. :)

Also, it's not my place to say, but, have you considered posting the game in other sites (like rpgmakerweb and rpgmaker.net) so it gets a bigger audience?

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Thank you so much for replying. I had been waiting for some feedback. I'm going to look over everything you have written down and take notes of it myself, plus maybe go in and fix a few things. I haven't gotten the link in too many places right now. My work schedule is a little hectic so all my free time has just been playing a few games to calm down from it.


I definitely plan to get the link to other sites and even make more games.


As for some of the infinite apple problems... I thought I fixed them. However, I guess it didn't take. Also, the rest should be. Must fix that too.

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