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Author: Mr. Trivel

Name: Restore HP/MP/TP

Created: 2016-03-15

Version: 1.0


What does it do?

Allows actors, classes, weapons, armors or states to restore HP/MP/TP after winning a battle or leveling up.



Battles were way difficult to get a nice screenshot.


How to use?

Add following tags of your liking to actor/class/weapon/armor or state note fields:


<RestoreAfterBattleHP: [AMOUNT]>

<RestoreAfterBattleHPPercent: [PERCENT AMOUNT]>

<RestoreAfterLevelUpHP: [AMOUNT]>

<RestoreAfterLevelUpHPPercent: [PERCENT AMOUNT]>


<RestoreAfterBattleMP: [AMOUNT]>

<RestoreAfterBattleMPPercent: [PERCENT AMOUNT]>

<RestoreAfterLevelUpMP: [AMOUNT]>

<RestoreAfterLevelUpMPPercent: [PERCENT AMOUNT]>


<RestoreAfterBattleTP: [AMOUNT]>

<RestoreAfterBattleTPPercent: [PERCENT AMOUNT]>

<RestoreAfterLevelUpTP: [AMOUNT]>

<RestoreAfterLevelUpTPPercent: [PERCENT AMOUNT]>


RestoreAfterBattle - restores HP/MP/TP after a won battle.

RestoreAfterLevelUp - restores HP/MP/TP after a level up.

[AMOUNT] - flat amount E.g. 10, 100, 1000, 50, 37

[PERCENT AMOUNT] - uses floating point E.g. 0.53 being 53%, 1.0 being 100%



<RestoreAfterBattleTP: 50>

<RestoreAfterBattleHP: 15>

<RestoreAfterBattleHPPercent: 0.05>

<RestoreAfterBattleMPPercent: 0.10>


Plugin: <Link: Github>

How to download the Plugin: Click the link above, there will be a button named Raw, press Right Click -> Save As.


Terms of Use:

Don't remove the header or claim that you wrote this plugin.

Credit Mr. Trivel if using this plugin in your project.

Free for commercial and non-commercial projects.

Edited by Glasses

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