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Author: Mr. Trivel

Name: Unlock Shop Items

Created: 2016-03-16

Version: 1.1


What does it do?

Unlock new items in shop by selling or plugin commands.





How to use?

Setting up Recipes:

Items tagged with any of these tags will be available in the shop.

<InShopByDefault: [sHOP_ID]> - Will always appear in shop.

<InShopByCommand: [sHOP_ID]> - Will appear once unlocked with plugin command.


And the last is little longer, it takes multiple lines:

<InShopByRecipe: [sHOP_ID]>




[sHOP_ID] - ID of the shop

[TYPE] - Item type, i, a, w - i:item, a:armor, w:weapon

[iD] - ID of the item in database

[QUANTITY] - How many have to be sold in total

There can be any number of lines with item requirements.



<InShopByRecipe: 1>

i 5 100

i 2 50

</InShopByRecipe: 2>


a 12 1

w 2 1

i 15 10



Plugin Commands:

DynamicShop Enter [sHOP_ID] - Enters the shop of this plugin so there's normal shop still available.

DynamicShop Unlock [sHOP_ID] [TYPE] [iD] - Unlocks item to be permanently available in the shop.

[sHOP_ID] - ID of the shop

[TYPE] - i, a, w - i: item, a: armor, w: weapon

[iD] - ID of the item in database



DynamicShop Unlock 1 w 55

DynamicShop Unlock 2 a 15


Plugin: <Link: Github>

How to download the Plugin: Click the link above, there will be a button named Raw, press Right Click -> Save As.


Terms of Use:

Don't remove the header or claim that you wrote this plugin.

Credit Mr. Trivel if using this plugin in your project.

Free for non-commercial projects.

For commercial use contact Mr. Trivel.

Edited by Glasses

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