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Hello! Well, I thought it was about time that I made a music page!

This is where you can purchase my pre-made music or contact me via PM for commissions


My Music Portfolio:



Commission Prices will vary based on the commission itself. Not all commissions are created equal!

These variances can include but are not limited to:

How many Instruments and alterations made during creation at the request of the client.
How long the song is.
Live Instruments

Base Prices:

Towns, Villages, Cities, Overworld, Charaters, Events, etc.

$15 per 1 minute song

$25 per 2 minutes (1:30 min plus)

3+ minutes = CONTACT ME.


Live instruments:

$2 per live instrument used. (Only upon initial request)

Acoustic Guitar
Classical Guitar
Electric Guitar
D'jimbe (hand drum)
Male Vocals


30 seconds or less (Sleep, Level-up, Victory, Game over, etc)

$8 per song





My Pre-Made Music Packs



Click Picture: Towns and Villages Pack


Click Picture: Fields and Dungeons Pack





Why do you charge for more for live instruments?

I actually play real live instruments. I only will do this at the request of the client (that's you). Why do I charge more? Live instruments are harder to record and manage in the recording process. This takes more time, potentially a lot more time.


How long does it take to make a song?

A single minute song can takes me anywhere from 2-3 hours to make, this doesn't include breaks or my daily duties. Terms on when the song will be available to you can be discussed via private message.


Can I use this music for commercial works?

YES! Because you are buying the music directly from me, it will be free exclusively to use for your project(s) only, commercial and non-commercial alike. And free of any royalties! Altering is allowed but you must ALWAYS credit me as the author in ANY case. Failure to do so... just don't. And don't let your friends use them either. 


Will the songs loop?

Based on your request, the song will be loop friendly with no additional charge.


Payment Method?




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Absolutely phenomenal music for an absolutely great price..

I bought both packs and I have to say dude you have major talent.


I can already think of all the places where this music belongs inside my game.


Keep up the great work Mann.

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Looks like I'll be continuing the current Style! But... because the Horror genre was the runner up, I'll be doing a horror pack shortly afterward! 

Next Pack will include:
4 Battle Themes
3 Boss Themes=
2 Victory ME
2 Game Over ME
1 Sleep ME

Give me about a month to finish it! 

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