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â—„ Plague Mayhem â–º


◄≡≡ General Details ≡≡►
Themes ▪▪ Dark, Fantasy
Status ▪▪ Hiatus
Release ▪▪ Undetermined

Note 1 ▪▪ This is the first story based RPG I have ever seriously worked on, I don't know what you might be expecting, but I wouldn't expect too much at this point if I were you.
Note 2 ▪▪ This game is constantly being worked on, but thread updates will only happen for either content additions or fixes of any kind. If the fix is minor I will add it to the update log, but I won't post about it. (This note can be ignored until I release something playable)

Note 3 ▪▪ This game will be undergoing significant changes when development resumes. Most of what you read below will likely be edited at that point.

â—„Update Logâ–º


â–º No updates yet.





A mysterious and deadly plague was unleashed by an unknown source, leaving nothing but death and devastation wherever it spread, millions had died before anyone considered it a real threat, but those that died would not stay dead. Hordes of skeletons, rotting corpses and mad spirits had been sighted all over the world.

The Machine Shapers managed to somewhat limit the damage caused by the plague through the use of their Containment Lights, but their resources were limited and the effect ultimately proved to be insignificant against a problem on such a massive scale.

Despite the chaos being caused by the plague there are those who would fight against each other, factions indirectly contend for control of the continent while the death builds up around them. Soon they may find themselves surrounded by the dead on all sides, with no hope of survival and only themselves to blame.

One of the Shapers of Farrador Citadel has decided to leave the Shaper College, his aim is to investigate the plague to discover its origin, how it works and what can be done about it. His path will be fraught with danger, but he will not have to walk it alone so long as there are others alive who would offer him aid.

Can the mystery which shrouds the plague be unravelled, before it engulfs the entire world turning it into a paradise for the dead? More importantly, what will the Shaper do when he unravels the mystery?





◄≡ Ryland/<Name> ≡►
Type â–ª Protagonist
Can be Renamed
A Shaper who decided to investigate the plague, his investigation is driven mostly by curiosity. Ryland is a very secretive person like all Shapers, but he is also somewhat flippant and occasionally a little unhinged.


◄≡ Ethel ≡►
Type â–ª Companion
A Battle Cleric charged with a mission of great importance relating to the plague. She is a very polite and patient person, even in highly unusual situations. Ethel seems to have a compelling need to cleanse any place she can find which is infested with death and darkness.


◄≡ Kayla ≡►
Type â–ª Companion
A Martial Fighter who was exiled from one of the northern clans, she is an active and usually friendly person. Kayla's exile has turned her into a decent explorer, but she still hopes to one day return home.


◄≡ Weston ≡►
Type â–ª Companion
A Blood Reaver who willingly left one of the northern clans and driven by his curiosity travelled south, he is not quick to anger and tends to meditate when he has the time. The source of Weston's power is rumoured to have a connection to death and darkness.


◄≡ Macie ≡►
Type â–ª Companion
A Guild Thief left with a need for vengeance against whoever slaughtered her guildmates, she tends to be cautious and somewhat withdrawn around anyone she doesn't know. Although her main goal is revenge, Macie still upholds her guild's principles.


◄≡ Emmett ≡►
Type â–ª Companion
An Adept Mystic seeking to spread the influence of the Mystic Academy, he is usually calm and will not speak unless he needs to. Rumours which recently began spreading say Emmett is living on borrowed time, but the exact meaning of the rumours is unclear.


◄≡ Austen ≡►
Type â–ª Important NPC
A information agent who seems to show up all over the continent, he appears to be searching for something or someone. Austen is Ryland's contact for almost any information he could ever need.


◄≡ Zackery ≡►
Type â–ª Important NPC
The fourth Lord of Aven Castle, he has a preference for strategy and unorthodox tactics in battles. Zackery has recently taken on the challenging task of restoring the code of Harmon Aven, the first Lord of Aven Castle and an indomitable protector.


◄≡ Annette ≡►
Type â–ª Important NPC
The assistant to the Lord of Aven Castle, despite being the youngest assistant to ever serve she has proven to be confident and capable. Annette aspires to become the administrator of Aven Castle.


◄≡ Celia ≡►
Type â–ª Important NPC
A skilled crafter who manages the workshop at Aven Castle, she tends to be quite helpful to anyone she thinks has the potential to be a great crafter. Celia seeks to spread the influence of Aven Castle through craft exports.


Note ▪▪ More characters will be added as the game's development progresses.




▌Gathering■▪▪▪ Nodes are found in mostly appropriate locations, and most of them respawn after a certain amount of time when harvested.
▌Crafting■▪▪▪ Required facilities can only be found at Aven Castle. You will of course need to acquire recipes and materials yourself.
▌Challenge■▪▪▪ Battles which make you want to use your skills, and punish you for wasting energy. Party members will permanently die if their health hits 0, the game will end if the protagonist dies.
▌Factions■▪▪▪ These four powers will constantly be fighting indirectly for control of the entire continent, you can help one or all of them by giving them various items to raise their power. Favouring one faction too much will automatically align you with the faction.
▌Stronghold■▪▪▪ A base for you and your companions. You will be able to upgrade it to improve its general stability and practicality, good management of your stronghold can save you a lot of trouble.
▌Operations■▪▪▪ These are general stronghold assignments which you can start from the Operations Map. Operations can be for many things, such as unlocking events and new areas, clearing hordes of undead, locating hiding people and lost items or unravelling various mysteries. Those are just a few of the operation types, there will be many more.
▌Assignments■▪▪▪ Once you have your stronghold restored you can send your companions on assignments, which can yield various items, story alterations, side quests, affinity or faction power changes.
▌Non-Linear■▪▪▪ The story can be changed in many ways, some changes are small while others are big, all of these changes can lead to various different endings. Not all of the endings are at the end of the story, some changes can make the story shorter.
▌Waypoints■▪▪▪ Once you activate one of these you will be able to teleport back to it, but you will have to activate the main waypoint first. However, you can't teleport to a minor waypoint from another minor waypoint.


Note ▪▪ That's not all of the features, but to keep this from getting too long I'll stop here.































◄≡≡ General ≡≡►
Enterbrain ▪▪▪ RPG Maker VX Ace & RTP
Divergent ▪▪▪ Various (All categories except Audio)


◄≡≡ Graphics ≡≡►
Kiyoto Kaduki ▪▪▪ Sprites, Portraits & Faces
└► Usui no kai (Site may shut down at any time)
Mack ▪▪▪ Tilesets
Kazzador ▪▪▪ Zombie Sprite
Avadan ▪▪▪ Ship Sprite


◄≡≡ Audio ≡≡►
No custom music yet.


◄≡≡ Scripts ≡≡►
Yanfly ▪▪▪ Various
Galv ▪▪▪ Menu Layout
Moghunter ▪▪▪ Actor Picture CM
└► AtelierRGSS
Modern Algebra ▪▪▪ Quest Journal
V.M of D.T ▪▪▪ Various
Eiswind ▪▪▪ Faction System
Nicke ▪▪▪ Variable HUD
Hime ▪▪▪ Progressive States & Large Choices
└► HimeWorks
Prexus ▪▪▪ Static Parameter Changes
Khas ▪▪▪ Awesome Light Effects
└► Khas Scripts
Neon Black ▪▪▪ Terrain Tags & Large Sprite Display Fix
Shaz ▪▪▪ Remember Event Position


Edited by Divergent

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I kind of like the idea of the game, but at the same time I feel like the whole zombie thing is a bit overused.  However it doesn't really matter about what theme you go with as much as it how you do it, and I feel like there's a bit more room for creativity in this game rather than most zombie games.  I also like the factions idea. 


Now, I'm not really sure what your exact visions are for the game, so I don't have much room to talk, but I feel like the default RPG maker tile sets don't really fit the atmosphere that was described in the story spoiler.  I would suggest looking for an artist, or some free tile sets online that would work better with this game.  However like I said I don't know your vision, so the default tiles could be perfect for this game, and I just got the wrong idea from the description.


Sorry if I seemed a bit harsh, that wasn't my intention.  Best of luck to you!

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I didn't delve into details or explain too much because it would have been nothing but spoilers if I had, but I can assure you that this isn't and won't be focussed on zombies. There's much more to it than what you've read, the undead are just one part of it.


I'm always searching for replacement resources when developing games, the mostly default tiles were used to give a general idea of what the maps look like, and so that I can actually take screenshots. I would have liked to replace them before I added the operations feature, but I had almost finished an entire operations map back when I stopped, it's pretty big and comprised of many other maps joined together in an image editing program. Unless I decide to waste all the time and effort I put into that, the tiles are not likely to change.


Nothing in what you've typed can be considered harsh (and I wouldn't be fazed even if it could), you're providing what feedback you can and I appreciate it.

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